check tis out (small riff by fingerpicking)

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    i found this tab while surfing a site....i have forgot the name of the site...
    i have downloaded the audio piece and the tab...
    i have the tab right now but i have lost the audio clip...
    this is a beautiful piece of should try it...
    and if any1 knows the name of the site please reply...
    i am givin you the original tab....
    here it goes...

    song name-Check this out

    This is something I came up with messing around one day, enjoy.

    Key = Not Really Sure?

    E |-0h1p0-----0------------------3----------------3------------0-----3-------|
    B |-------3------3--------3--------3---3----3-------3----3-------3-----3---3-|
    G |---------2------2p0------0--------0---0----0-------0----0-------0-----0---|
    D |-0--------------------------2----------------0------------0---------------|
    A |-----------------------3--------------------------------------------------|
    E |-----------------------------------------3--------------------------------|

    E |-------0----------------3----------------0----------3----3-3---3-3--|
    B |-1-------1---1----3-------3---3----3-------3---3----3----3-3---3-3--|
    G |---0-------0---0----0-------0---0----0-------0---0--0----0-0---0-0--|
    D |-----2----------------0----------------2------------0----0-0---0-0--|
    A |-0----------------2----------------3----------------x----x-x---x-x--|
    E |----------------------------------------------------3----3-3---3-3--|

    i dont know fingerpicking.....i just use my 1st finger and thumb to play it....

    i have attached a audio clip(played by myself) for you to listen to the song....


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