Check out these awsome videos by Rajesh Shiraskar

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    Well..I have subscribed to IGT's 'cool headed mod' Rajesh Shiraskar's youtube channel.And i saw these live videos of him,which are anything but awsome..I mean singing live like this is a real deal.Ask people who can sing! We need to appreciate the good work.So i am posting a thread so that many people know about it
    Just Math Mathalli Title Track Cover - Nadeem Rajesh Live Inc - YouTube

    Shuruvaythu Cover Version - Nadeem Rajesh Live Inc - YouTube

    P.S people..i have spelled his name wrong which was brought to my notice by the headline would be "Check out these awsome videos by Rajesh Sirsikar" """'

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  2. Rajrocks

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    Shiraskar??? who is that ;-)....I am Rajesh Sirsikar ;-)...anyway...Thank you very much for the appreciation...Please check our facebook page for more...
    Nadeem - Rajesh Live Inc | Facebook
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    OMG!! i have spelled your name itself wrong.stupid me! really sorry for the blunder sir.I dont know how it went unnoticed while posting.people...his name is as corrected by himself Rajesh Sirsikar...i have spelled it wrong..chhoorrryyyyy :(

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