chappel's farewell

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how should we pwn chappal??

  1. NO keep CHAPPEL (i am from bangalore)

  2. kick chappel out - power should ask him to quit

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  3. kick chappel out - venksarkar should ask him to quit

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  4. kick chappel out - farewell to be arranged in Calcutta

  5. make ganguly captain, & make chappel take orders from ganguly

  6. kick chappel out - make powar/kiran moron the manager

  1. jamhead

    jamhead Unknown Legend

    should chappal be kicked out of india and if so, how should we arrange the farewell??
  2. jamhead

    jamhead Unknown Legend

  3. Morbid_Angel

    Morbid_Angel Sid the sloth

    He has to go now.
  4. jamhead

    jamhead Unknown Legend

    Subject: throw chappal out

    dravid is right - we can play much better. Thats because we certainly cant play any worse.

    its high time the "natak" that kiran moron, "great chappal" and his chamcha dravid have been doing with indian cricket comes to an end.

    if we are to have any chance in the world cup we immediately need to do three things -

    1) throw chappal out.
    2) strip dravid of captaincy.
    2) get ganguly back and as captain.

    or get used to such 2 digit aggregate totals under the able leadership of our spineless cRaptain.
  5. if the players are not performing.. whats with chappel... yeah but i think if everybody is performing like this then why should ganguly left out.. he should be in the team...
  6. jamhead

    jamhead Unknown Legend

    name one player who's perfermance didnt go down ever since chappal tried his experiments and and favouritism (the only reason kaif and raina are in the team).
  7. ^ i agree with you.. but i think management is messing around with team.. just like ganguly use to pick players for the team... those who were close to him..
  8. even if we throw out chappal do u think we will perform better... thats the question... what we need is a team who can win matches no matter who is playing or whose not.. if sachin is not scoring throw him out and if sehwag is not maaroo salle ko..
  9. jamhead

    jamhead Unknown Legend

    thats the best thing ganguly ever did - pick his own players.

    he was very good at spotting talent and grooming them.

    zaheer, nehra, yuvi, shewag, harbajan, pathan were all his proteges.

    his contribution at allowing other players to flower and sparing them the revolving door was greater than his contribution as player. his other contribution was bringing an aggro edge to the team.

    the only person who was better at this than ganguly was imran khan.
  10. jamhead

    jamhead Unknown Legend

    yes we need tough businesslike leadership. like ganguly. under him we had a captain who stood by his players and a team that played its heart out for their captain.
  11. erutu

    erutu terminally awesome

    Stop making cricket threads! Make one as I suggested earlier: "Indian cricket"

    Nobody at the IGT follows thread titles anyway so we can go to how much Chappal sucks to how much hair has grown back on Sehwag's head....
  12. sanju_strings

    sanju_strings 50 Pai$e <3V/S<3 50 CeNt$

    jamhead i hate u how dare u spelled it chappel it shud b


  13. abhimanjrekar

    abhimanjrekar ----> Zhol-Man<----

    lataest news...vengsarkar is going to south africe to encourage our team..........lolzzzz...........
  14. rohit

    rohit New Member

    keep chappel and bring ganguly back as acaptain.
    get raina out of team.
  15. notty_lad

    notty_lad sudo undress

    Bringing Ganguly back won't help .. believe me .. One man hardly makes a difference in a Team game .. moreso if the man is Ganguly .. I personally don't like his captaincy. He's way to nervous all the time and lacks the poise.

    Mera naam hai Saurav Ganguly .. Bhoole to nahi .. Lol
  16. jamhead

    jamhead Unknown Legend

    then whose captaincy do you like?? dravid??
  17. alpha1

    alpha1 I BLUES!

    Mee too wanna go to South Africa.

  18. notty_lad

    notty_lad sudo undress

    @Jammy .. that has been India's problem since long .. No good captain ..

    n Dravid's captaincy .. Hell no way!
  19. jamhead

    jamhead Unknown Legend

    the only proven captain we have at hand is ganguly. kapil dev and pataudi have retired.
  20. notty_lad

    notty_lad sudo undress

    But then after goin through so much .. He'll be under tremendous pressure to show results .. He'll crack in strain ..

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