Channo And Jeena Mera

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  1. shahmyel

    shahmyel GuRu DaDa

    This is the second time i m writing for tabs for channo by ali zafar and jeena mera by sharab..plz give me both of them or atleast any1 of them..i want tabs not chords..\thanx
  2. alirana

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    Song : Jeena mera teray liye
    Artist : Saraab

    (Em)Jeena mera, Teray liyey

    Tuu na(D)hin paas to kiya hua

    (Em)Khushboo teri, har pal rahey

    (D)Saanson mein meri sada

    Mein na(C)hin jaan(D)ta, meri (C)manzil ka(D)haan

    Yoonhi (C)chalta ra(D)hoon mein agar

    Yeh hai (Em)kaisa sa(D)har, ju(Em)noon ka sa(D)far

    Tera (Em)ehsaas (D)hi to ra(C)hey ga a(Em)mar

    (Em) Samjhay gi (D)na yeh (C)duniya ka(Em)bhi

    (Em)Teray hi (D)dam sey hai (C)meri khu(Em)shi

    (Em) Kehtay hain (D)woh jisey (Em)deewaan(D)gi

    Jaaney woh kiya hoti (C)hai baykhu(Em)di

    (Em) Kitna a(D)dhoora tha (C)tujh bin to (Em)mein

    (Em)Tujh sey mi(D)la to mi(C)la mujh ko (Em)chain

    (Em)Mil hi ga(D)ey hain (Em)hum to san(D)am

    Duniya karey gi (C)ab kiya si(Em)tam
  3. shahmyel

    shahmyel GuRu DaDa

    Thanx a lot Rana..
    but the problem is that i dunt understand chords..either explain them to me or kindly give me the TABBS..
    thanx a lot
  4. Sohrab_khan

    Sohrab_khan 6stringz luva!!

    understanding the chords!!!

    Hi thr.. seems like rana gave u the chords and u sont have a clue about it. here`s the deal these following are the chords used in jeena mera:
    Em, C, D
    the placings are simple:
    for open chords they are: Em (022000) , C(032010) and D(x00232)
    for bar chords they are : Em (022000) , C(335553) and D(557775)
    hope u get it now>!
  5. shahmyel

    shahmyel GuRu DaDa

    thanx a lot for ur i get them
    thanx a lot
  6. Sohrab_khan

    Sohrab_khan 6stringz luva!!

    its ok

    no thanks for petty things need any more help just ask me out ok?
  7. shahmyel

    shahmyel GuRu DaDa

    what about channo??
    i have tried jeena meera..they r good to.but still very difficult for would be really good if u give me a full it will be easy for me....
    to play and to learn..thanx
  8. zain

    zain New Member

    haan yaar channo kidhar hai?
  9. shahmyel

    shahmyel GuRu DaDa

    WE want CHANNO..
    plZ GIVE ITS TAbs

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