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Discussion in 'Music Talk' started by Asmodeus, Mar 30, 2007.

  1. Asmodeus

    Asmodeus New Member

    Channel [v] Launchpad is back, and its out on the hunt for the best of the best!

    Last time around, we brought you the 5 best bands in India, who went on to become true 'rockstars' - Zero, Pin Drop Violence, Zephyr, Them Clones and Helga's Funk Castle.

    2007 - Channel [v] Launchpad with an All-Star jury is calling in the 'new blood'. The new breed of India Rock!

    We're looking out for those who have the hunger, to rule the crowd and rule the stage at Hard Rock Café, Mumbai!

    Every week bands from across India will battle it out to reach the final stages in their efforts to be crowned the numero uno rock band of the country!

    And these bands will be judged by the Channel [v] All-Star jury that has some of the biggest names from the Indian rock fraternity. These guys have been past carriers of the 'flame' and this time they're here to see, what you got for them!

    Get ready for take-off to rock stardom with Channel [v] Launchpad.

    * You can upload only one song here, SO it better be your best! That goes for the band pic as well.

    * But, we'd like to hear a lot more from you, literally! Send in any recordings you have of the band, apart from the uploaded song, by courier, snail mail, personal delivery!

    **Address - Launchpad

    Channel [V]
    The Masterpiece
    Marol Naka
    Andheri-Kurla Road,
    Andheri (E)
    Mumbai - 400 059

    * Your Profile counts for a lot more than just words. We're going to be using it to judge you guys.

    * Any of you'll out there, have music videos, extra artwork, or anything else with the bands you could send those in too.

    Register here

    For any queries, you can also contact Mrinal at 0-9821312077
  2. Roadie2Rockstar

    Roadie2Rockstar New Member

    Does anyone have the list of the 60 Bands that send their entries vs the number of bands selected to compete. Also if any information about any band sending their entry late(after stipulated date). It is said on another forum that entry to Hard Rock Cafe (venue) is free. However to the best of my knowledge HRC would have a cover charge. Could someone please confirm.

    Asmodeus, if you have any updates it will be great.
  3. Roadie2Rockstar

    Roadie2Rockstar New Member

    Koi kuch to batao......
  4. abhimanjrekar

    abhimanjrekar ----> Zhol-Man<----

    21st April - Synaps (Bangalore) and Split (Mumbai)

    28th April - Red Cube (Mumbai) and Bhayanak Maut (Mumbai)

    5th May - Galeej Gurus (Bangalore) and Junkyard Groove (Chennai)

    12th May - Medusa (Mumbai) and No Idea (Chennai)

    19th May - Level 9 (Delhi) and Span (Kolkata)

    26th May - Decibel (Delhi) and The Superfuzz (Delhi)

    2nd June - Cyanide (Delhi) and Half Step Down (Delhi)

    9th June - Human Abstract (Mumbai) and Frequency (Delhi)
  5. Roadie2Rockstar

    Roadie2Rockstar New Member

    Ok thank you, but I am looking for the list of bands that sent in their demos and were not selected. Does anyone have that list????????????
  6. Roadie2Rockstar

    Roadie2Rockstar New Member

    This is what was posted on gig pad bu Anuj Gupta "From the approximate 100 entries that were received, here are the chosen 16:"

    Bhayanak Maut - Mumbai
    Cyanide - Delhi
    Decibel - Delhi
    Frequency - Delhi
    Galeej Gurus - Bangalore
    Half Step Down - Delhi
    Human Abstract - Mumbai
    Junkyard Groove - Chennai
    Level 9 - Delhi
    Medusa - Mumbai
    No Idea - Chennai
    Red Cube - Mumbai
    Span - Kolkatta
    Split - Mumbai
    Synaps - Bangalore
    The Superfuzz - Delhi

    The Schedule:

    It then had the schedule listed which is put by Abhimanjrekar.

    I just want to know the list of the 100 bands that sent their entries and did not get selected.
    anybody who has contacts with chanel V or with Anuj Gupta and can get that info for me. I am sure somebody has the list of bands that send their entries.
  7. Roadie2Rockstar

    Roadie2Rockstar New Member

    C'mon guys someone has to have the list of the 60 bands that suck so bad that they did not get thru for launchpad. I kinda have a rough idea of most of the bands that sent their entry and are not in the above list but that is based on rumors that I hear. Lord Neo can you check with the organizers and put the list of the bands that suck.
  8. Roadie2Rockstar

    Roadie2Rockstar New Member

    I found out from the mumbai bands these bands did not get selected.
    Tripwire, Zygnema, Scribe, Groovelab, Demonic Ressurection, Skin cold, Devoid and Depth. There could be more but these are few of the names that sent in their entries and did not get thru. It shows what a tight competition it is. Most importantly the ranking of bands in the amature series.

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