Changing Your Guitar Strings

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    This is a lesson I haven't seen on IGT, and its very imporant especially having your guitar tuned some of it I learned from expericence some I gasp out of books.
    STEP 1> Remove your old strings
    STEP 2>Thread your new string through the tailpiece/or bridge, make sure you have the right string & in the right slot! guide it up to the string post,being careful not to put a kink on it if you put a kink on the length between the bridge and nut it will not vibrate properly,if it is kink at any other point it wiil break easily.
    STEP 3> Turn your tuning peg until the hole in the string post is parallel to the frets.Take up any slack in the string & wrap it around the tuning post from the side opposite the tuning peg(the string length or "speaking"length should always be on opposite side of the post from the tuning peg).
    STEP 4>Keeping the string stiff with both hands wrap it around the post 1 &1/2 times the 2nd turn should be above the first, then thread the tip of the string through the post hole from the side facing the tuning peg. Some ppl thread the string through the hole first then wrap the slack around the post by hand. This is not a good idea this may distort the windings of the wound strings or create a different angle for the string to pass over the nut.
    STEP 5>Guide the string through the post hole and pull it as tight as you can.
    here's the most important step this will help from keeping the string from slipping out of tune:bend the loose end of the string at a right angle & slightly downward immeadiately at the point where it emerges from the hole you can now let go of the string.
    STEP 6>Tune your string to pitch using your tuner, keyboard pitchpipe or tuning fork, I always use the realitive tuning method first or my pitch pipe and then check myself against my tuner it helps me build my ear "muscle". Repeat the above steps for the rest of strings.When you are finish you'll want to cut your strings close to the post with wire clippers etc.
    Then you may want to stretch your strings to take up slack pull it at the 12th fret away from the fretboard about 1 inch do all the strings and check your tuning again.Keep your fingers clean, wipe your guitar strings after playing in order to prevent rust build up.I'll post some more on steps you can do to help on tuning and intonation problems.
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    whew..!! but dontcha think derz a different process of restringing for every guitar.. i have a givson 125..and m so phobic of restringing it that im still using the old ones..dont ask how old are the old think one should get it restringed from the music instrument's shop..and see carefully how the guy is restringing...this also would be of sum help in restringing time!!....anyways..thanx rey for ur post..good goin

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    nice post man... i discovered a few mistakes which i used to make while restringing my guitar
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    Thanks guys I too made mistakes when I first started I'll have string busting, hanging all over the place!!! but it does help it so important that we bypass it, practice makes perfect.

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