challenge to everyone-Breathless from shankar mahadevan.. Can anybody figure it out?

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  1. shobhit4friends

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    Hi, its my challenge to everybody..I want the chords of shankar mahadevan's breathless..


  2. 6ixstringjunkie

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    Here is my challenge you figure it out!
  3. JUDAS_666

    JUDAS_666 New Member

    well.......i don;t think it's impossible to figure out the chords

    It starts with E.......
    I'll try when i'm free
  4. ArindamSarkar

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  5. ArindamSarkar

    ArindamSarkar New Member


    By far the longest song I have ever chorded / tabbed. 50 long lines of verse.

    Took me over 2 hours to get the thing finished.

    Now, I myself am breathless (I know its a pj - just had to say it ;o) )
  6. JUDAS_666

    JUDAS_666 New Member


    great job surely have worked out a lot.. i can easily guess it was too laborious task.....

    well there're some cahnges, somewhere in between.....
    instead of A and Bsus4 in the part "khoyi hui si ab sarii disayeen hain" , I feel it should be F# and E, what do u think?

    I'll work on the whole song sooner or later and post my version here.....

    Meanwhile, let me share the intro part of my version

    C#m7 (Upstroke)

  7. ArindamSarkar

    ArindamSarkar New Member



    Thanks. I would like to stick with Bsus4 (its an ear thing / personal choice cz I wanna include a wide open space like sound here). but I did just try F#m, and it sounds quite similar. I avoided too many variations keeping the classical background in mind. Awaiting your try.
  8. gnanasun

    gnanasun New Member

    Hi Arindam,

    Can you help me with the background music for breathless song part 1 & 2? And also, if you could help me with the chords for the whole breathless song, it would be great. Also, my email is:

    Thanks so much.
  9. ultrabot90

    ultrabot90 Like fishes need bicycles

    This sounds like a fun, albeit dead, thread. Maybe I'll make a Guitar Pro tab of this...but before that I got some older ones to do!
  10. ArindamSarkar

    ArindamSarkar New Member

    Hope you got the email. ;-)
  11. abygailann

    abygailann Member

    E E
    Koi jo mila to mujhe, aisa lagta tha jaise,
    E B
    Meri saari duniya main, geetoon ki rut aur,
    B B
    Rangoon ki barkha hai, khushboo ki aandhi hai.
    A E
    Mahki hui si ab saari fizaayein hain;
    A E
    Behki hui si ab saari hawaayein hain;
    A Bsus4
    Khoyi hui si ab saari dishaayein hain;
    A Bsus4
    Badli hui se ab saari adaayein hain.

    E E
    Jaagi umangein hain, dhadak raha ahi dil.
    E A
    Saanson main toofaan hain, hoton pe naghme hain,
    A B
    Aakhon main sapne hain. Sapnon main beete hue
    Saare woh saare lamhe hain -

    E E
    Jab koi aaya tha, nazroon pe chhaya tha,
    E A
    Dil main samayaa tha. Kaise main bataoon tumhe,
    A A
    Kaisa use paaya tha. Pyaar se chehre pe,
    B A
    Bikhri jo zulfien to aisa lagta tha jaise,
    B A B
    Kohore ke pechhe ek oons main dhula hua phool khila hai.

    E E
    Jaise badal main ik chaand chhupa hai,
    E E E
    Aur jhaank raha hai; jaise raat ke parde main ek savera hai,
    A A E
    Raushan-raushan; aankhon main sapnon ka saagar,
    E B
    Jis mein prem sitaroon ki chaadar, jaise jhalak rahi hai.
    E Bsus4
    Lahroon-lahroon baat karein to, jaise moti barse.

    E E
    Jaise kahin chaandi ki payal goonje;
    E E A
    Jaise kahin sheeshey main jaam gire, aur chhann se tootey.
    E A
    Jaise koi chhip ke sitaar bajaye;
    E A
    Jaise koi chaandni raat main gaye;
    B E
    Jaise koi haule se paas bulaaye.

    E E
    Kaisi meethi baatain the woh, kaisi mulakaatein thi woh,
    E A A
    Jab maine jaana tha, nazroon se kaise pighalta hai dil, aur
    A A
    Aarzoo paati hai kaise manzil,
    E B
    Aur kaise utarta hai chaand zameen par.
    A B E
    Kaise kabhi lagta hai swarg agar hai to bas hai yahin par.

    E E
    Usne bulaya mujhe, aur samjhaya mujhe -
    E E
    Hum jo mile hain, hamein aise hi milna tha;
    E E
    Gul jo khile hain, unhe aise hi khilna tha.
    B E
    Janmon ke bandhan, janmon ke rishtey hain.
    A E
    Jab bhi hum janme to, hum younhi milte hain.

    E A
    Kaanon main mere jaise shahed sa ghulne lage.
    E A
    Khwaaboon ke dar jaise aakhoon main khulne lage.
    A B E
    Khwaabon ki duniya bhi kitni haseen aur kaisi rangeen thi!
    A B E
    Khwaabon ki duniya, jo kahne ko thi, par kahin bhi nahi thi!
    E E
    Khwaab jo toote mere, aakh jo khuli meri,
    E E
    Hosh jo aaya mujhe, maine dekha maine jaana,
    A A A
    Woh jo kabhi aaya tha, nazroon pe chhaya tha, dil main samaya tha -
    B A A
    Ja bhi chuka hai aur dil mera hai ab, tanha tanha.
    A A E
    Na to koi armaan hai, na koi tamanna hai, aur na koi sapna hai.

    Am E
    Ab jo mere din aur ab jo meri ratain hain,
    Am E
    Unmein sirf aansoon hain, unmein seif dard ki,
    Am E A
    Ranj ki batain hain, aur fariyaadein hain. Mera ab bhi koi nahi -
    Am E
    Main hoon aur khoye hue pyaar ki yaadein hain.
    Am E
    Main hoon aur khoye hue pyaar ki yaadein hain
    Am E
    Main hoon aur khoye hue pyaar ki yaadein hain

    Original Scale: E major
  12. ArindamSarkar

    ArindamSarkar New Member


    Did you tab this yourself? Looks like you copied my version in total and pasted it below my own post in this thread. Doesn't help at all. We all know you have learned to copy paste, but show it in a better way.


    Hope you got the email.... ;)
  13. Nawang

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    I 'm looking it.

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