Chale Ja Kahin

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    This is a song me and my friends did yesterday. Posted in the soundtracks & bands forum.
    As lyrics are concerned, the song means different to different people. I had this in my mind while
    [COLOR=#009900 !important]writing[/COLOR]:
    Sometimes your thoughts, from your past, wander far away in memory of someone, and you can do nothing more than contemplate on this thought. Sometimes these thoughts can be painful. Then the only way out is to go somewhere else and forget, chale ja kahin.
    More of a landscape type feeling, while the song merely plays on your mind. Done in the happy E major scale.

    Chalke jo khabar, raah bhi nahi
    dooriyon ki bhi, parwaah thi nahi
    dhoondhte hue aaye fir yahi
    keh rahe sabhi,
    chale ja kahin..
    chale ja kahin

    Manjilein sabhi, naam ki sahi
    Khwabon ka sira, thaam ke chali
    Door aa gaye, dhoondhte hue
    keh rahe sabhi,
    chale ja kahin..
    chale ja kahin
    Chale ja kahin

    Jahan ho tere din, teri zameen
    bas waqt ki tarah, behti ja rahi
    dhoond na sake, koi beeti jindagi
    ab keh rahe sabhi,
    chale ja kahin..
    chale ja kahin..
    chale ja kahin
  2. Sometimes the rhymes just dont come out so well... as clearly as the thought we have ..i feel this piece suffered the same .. i hope u will give it one more try :) ... i liked the thought behind the confused word-strings

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