chahta kitna tumko dil - shaapit

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  1. neha077

    neha077 New Member

    Hello guys I am a novice in guitar... i hv just started playing it...
    can anyone please tell me the chords for the song "chahta kitna tumko dil" from the movie shaapit...!!!!
  2. charisma

    charisma New Member

    Hello neha :) hope u watching this thread. yaar i kep waiting for smeone to post the chords bt kisi ne kia hi nai..
    to maine socha chalo hum bhi amitabh bachan ki trha apne peiron pe khare hone ki try krte..^_^ hehe

    YouTube - ‪chahta kitna tumko dil cover‬‏

    I tried a cover for this song.. hmm but I dnt knw if those are the correct chords..Am a beginner too.. but
    it did sound OK OK to me.. bt am nt pakka wala sure!

    I used Am F Em Am
    G F Em Am

    Dm G C Am
    C G F Am
    Tuning I use: 1 note lower than standard tuning. look at my hand for chords progression and strumming pattern..

    If u feel my chords are not Ok.. lets wait for a more experienced guitarist to comment on this thread.. cheers..:D
  3. neha077

    neha077 New Member

    Nice chords!

    Hey charisma,
    I actually forgot that I had started this thread. Yesterday, I was again searching for the chords of this song and I landed on this page. I saw your video and chords... seems to be really good. The strumming pattern you used is really interesting. Kudos!!

  4. charisma

    charisma New Member

    but its way too high i thnk.. to the point my voice cracked..transpose it to some notes lower and try.. these were pretty much the only chords i cud play at that so i used to cheat with capo or try to sing higher to fit in the only chords i cud play.. :) am no trained singer.. but man i so love to sing..:D

    but now i cn play all major and minor chords.. even barres.. yupiiiii.. :) not for too long though.. my joints hurt :(

    These r the most recent covers i did..
    Lemonade Cover Alexandra Stan - YouTube

    A thousand years cover - YouTube

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