Chaand Se Parda Kijiye

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    Hey guys,
    Here is Chaand Se Parda Kijiye to the best of my guitar knowledge and hearing ability.........corrections are welcome and do not forget to welcome me as well :)

    I played along with the song and it sounds close enough to me.

    Intro chords for the little tune : C G Am

    (C)Chaand se p(G)arda ki(Am)jiye,
    Kahi chur(C)aa na le cheh(Dm)re ka noor,
    Ae mere (G)hamnawa(C)a,
    Ae me(Am)re huzoor.....

    (Am)Zulf(C)o se u(Dm)ddi,
    (Am)Khushb(C)oo pyaar (Dm)ki,
    (Am)Hont(C)o pe khil (Dm)gayi,
    (Am)Kaliya(C)a bahaar (Dm)ki,
    (G)Honto pe khil (Em)gayi,
    Kali(C)yaa bahaar (Am)ki,

    (C)Phool se p(G)arda ki(Am)jiye,
    Kahi churaa na will follow the same chord progression as above.


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