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  1. shantanukr

    shantanukr yEh DiL mAanGe m0rE

    hey guys, ever wondered.

    which is the best ????

    a big confusion between these two. Let me explain u guys.

    Pentium 4 > great speed, multiple threading, idle for desktop PCs

    Centrino > great speed, multiple threading, Mobile processor, less heatup,
    Wireless solution, idle for Laptops .

    - Shantanu Kr.
  2. rizaaj

    rizaaj Forum Leader

    so you mean centrino wins or wat?.. eh?
  3. rockin'away

    rockin'away Banned

    well from wat i have heard P4 is the better one.... i think Centrino is a carrying kind not desktop.... but P4 is better
  4. rabi_sultan

    rabi_sultan <Bulla Ki Jana>

    centrino is the name given to the intel northbridge motherboard chip, the pentium M processor and the intel wireless chip.

    as for difference between pentium M well that has less speed but double the cache than a pentium 4 which has double the speed but half the cache. and they both hyperthread.

    so you do the math ;)
  5. shantanukr

    shantanukr yEh DiL mAanGe m0rE

    hi guys. thanks for ur views and double compliments to rabi_sultan for fine stats. Well actually, we can't compare so easily between a Laptop's performance with a desktop. i.e. if you put in an P4 processor in a desktop, it will give awesome performance as we all know.

    But in case of Laptop its different. Here it heats up very soon, due to which performance degrades. The Centrino comes true at this phase. Being a mobile processor, it supports better program and graphics handling as it heats up very less. Although, its clock frequency is less. With better cache and a Pentium M 855 Chipset, its really a good one for Laptops ....
  6. rabi_sultan

    rabi_sultan <Bulla Ki Jana>

    well yeah its better for laptops and for desktops.

    pentium M clocks at a lower frequency cycle thus requiring less power and heating up at a slower rate than a pentium 4. Also the frequency that pentium M operates is much lower than pentium 4 which means that cutting edge cooling technologies do not have to be developed if they wish to push the frequency higher unlike Pentium 4 which if it wants to go faster than they have to research newer cooling techniques.
  7. JAZZ

    JAZZ New Member

    pentium 4 is better .....
  8. sayanakaharry

    sayanakaharry Forum Leader

    no use comparing these because Pentium 4 is for desktop PC's while Centrino is for laptops.

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