Caught Red-Handed

Discussion in 'The ChitChat Lounge' started by Menon, Nov 20, 2004.

  1. Menon

    Menon New Member

    Heyya Guys..
    For the comfort of the wide spectrum of audiences here, I will ask all posters to excercise their discretion in making their posts in this thread..this one's about those things you did while you tht no one knew or watched, but got caught red-handed..culminating in embarassing as well as stressful consequences!!
    Here's mine..we'd been smokin in college for 3 yrs without a soul knowing, or so we thought, but in my final year, this crazy ass prof who was always on our cases walks into the room with the sweet smell of sweet leaf wafting abt the room mingled with agarbatti and spilled drinks..this is at 0130..we were in the principal's office from 0200 till 0500 that mornin..we'd exams the day after..!!Well, it was really scary and to ward off the fear and tension, we jus regrouped in the hostel and smoked another one!!
    tOke it easy
  2. d_ist_urb_ed

    d_ist_urb_ed Genuflect b*tches!

    The most embarassing thing that ever happened to me? Well, actually, too embarassing to tell here, will probably get banned for it.
  3. maverick8218

    maverick8218 New Member

    Smoking the sweet leaf, and trying to drown the smell with agarbatti and being caught by a prof... LOL. I know there's nothing funny about this, but somehow it makes me wanna laugh. I don't know whether this is allowed in the forum, but I'll still say it. when we used to smoke sweet leaves we used to find all the discrete places that existed in the college like the hostel roof. Man, those were the best days of my life...
  4. kaiser

    kaiser Bored

    nice thread. interesting.
  5. Menon

    Menon New Member

    You've got to hand it to us for ingenuity..I mean..we used to hide the 'music' as we shall now refer to it, in the battery compartment of ur music system..they'd have a hope in hell to find it..
    I must add though that when I say caught, they didn't find any evidence..jus the was pretty nerveracking in the beginning but like everything else, we laughed it off..they still make jokes abt me in college abt me being the only student or NE1 for that matter to enter the Sanctum Sanctorum of the principal's office..daym..those we some days..!!
    PS.Kaiser, you've to contribute not comment..:)
  6. DesiPride143

    DesiPride143 BEHAVE!

    yep the tree is good...
  7. kaiser

    kaiser Bored

    gotta funny story to tell....pretty goes

    bunked school once....the first time in my life ... to watch a movie. mornin show. deliberately missed my bus (stayed in toilet for 2 long....genius huh?). took my scooter to school.....i mean...the movie hall. bought the tickets. watched the film. came out feeling like shit. never seen such a bore in ma whole life.
    went to a resto. had lunch. went home...looking normal.
    (now ill stop using these short sentences)
    mom said: where were you?, in a cold manner which sent a chill down my spine. i understood she knew that i didnt go to school. i didnt bother to lie....but i did still. told her we were going to school, but didnt feel like so we went to a park n played cricket all day. had i told her abt the movie i wud have been deader meat.

    well... i got verbal thrashings n all that. i felt real bad....the first time i bunk i get caught, that doesnt augur well for my future 'bunkings'. when my dad came home, mom gave him the whole story. he was pissed, n i went through round 2 of parental tirades.

    btw, heres how mom found out....i was selected for a goddam quiz (may that f***** quiz be damned). n when my teacher wanted to inform me she saw that i was absent. the quiz wasnt before 20 days but the bloody lady was in a she called home. u can do the math now.

    heres the ironic part: i was gloomy all day cuz of the incident, n when my dad saw that he thought maybe the poor chap got too much thrashing for bunkin a day. he rarely does that, n aw-shucks justa boy....boys always do things ladat. even i did that maan! and he said : raj lets go for a movie tonight!!! to make up for all the shit i had to go thru erlier in the day....
    i was shocked, not cuz my dad was taking me for a movie the movie the day i bunked, but at the thought of going thru 3 more hours of hell.....n yes, i cudnt tell him that id seen the film already.

    when i told my fellow bunkers bt it they laughed their asses off.......i still think of the incident (accident). however cool ur plans maybe, theres still one loophols that remains...haha...

    now i know ur wondering what movie i am talking was
    har dil jo pyar karega.....sallu rani prity starrer.....eeeeyuuuckkkkkkk.......

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