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Discussion in 'Music Talk' started by i'm_not_neo, Mar 25, 2008.

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    Ok,first of all that's his name..'Brothers' is his last name..I'm clarifying that coz I actually thought 'Brothers' meant there were 2 of them.Anyway,I stumbled upon this artist when I was listening to the Garden State OST (which btw is great..esp. if you're into indie acoustic)..he has Blue Eyes in that one and it's really a beautiful song.I wouldn't really make a big deal out of an artist with just one great song but then I stumbled upon Ride which was in The Last Kiss OST....and this song was brilliant too!
    That's when I decided to actually try some of his songs and surprisingly each song that I downloaded (sorry Cary) was just perfect.Indie music at it's best I must say.Ok confessions..I like mushy songs...the Boyzone/Ronan Keating types...Cary Brothers is just that..but the music doesn't seem oldish..
    His music always has a catchy tune (the way I like it)..the lyrics actually mean something..and the vocals seem simple yet expressive..rare blend.His songs are quite mesmerizing n since he's not very popular I thought I'd post some info here.
    There's Wiki to know more about him..I guess his genre would be Indie pop n indie acoustic..I'll just mention some songs you oughta try if you want to know what he's about :

    1.Blue Eyes
    3.If You Were Here
    5.True (this feels kinda like a 70s classic..hehe)
    5.Loneliest Girl In The World
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    ha. omg.. i never thought id come across cary brothers here at igt..

    i know what you mean when you say mushy.. but theres something actually nice about his music (disclaimer: i am NOT into boyzone and savage garden etc)
    however, his song, "the loneliest girl in the world" had me seriously pause in my steps and just recollect myself. his lyrics hit you right between the eyes.

    kudos for having good taste. :)
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    And I never thought anyone else would know him..or even reply to this thread for that matter!

    Actually,I'm sure I can't compare Boyzone with CB..just that they both have catchy music..
    Yeah..that is really a good song.And all the while I thought it may not be a good song till I actually heard it.I like acoustic music and the chords in his songs go so well with his lyrics...blah..I guess I'm his fan.

    I forgot to mention Jealousy...that's a good one too.
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    Well i certainly wouldnt call myself a fan..
    but yea.. good music.

    and lyrics are simply amazing. :)

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