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  1. Garima

    Garima Born to rule <img src="images/smilies/rule.gif" bo

    Which Cartoon character u like the most & y??

    Can b more than 1.....
  2. Garima

    Garima Born to rule <img src="images/smilies/rule.gif" bo

    mine is Yago....the parrot in Alladin...he just too funny
    I like Tintin detective :)
  3. PakPride

    PakPride New Member

    --> Woody Woodpecker...Why? hmm...maybe i like his laugh?

    --> Abu from Aladdin --> He's such an obedient little monkey :)
  4. dennis

    dennis The Bhangra King

    Homer Simpson, Apu, Moe from the Simpsons
    Cartman from SP
  5. jerry :) he's damn cute
  6. shak

    shak Harrr!

    homer, all the lads from southpark, silvester .. i like the way he stammers, felix, pocoyo, many others will name them as i rem them .. oh yeah my girl loves tweety (why am i sayin this??)
  7. shsnawada

    shsnawada Cyborgs &amp; Pasta

    If you had one, you wouldnt :p:
  8. .:SpY_GaMe:.

    .:SpY_GaMe:. New Member

    the simpsons esp bart n homer
  9. #iR@


    i'll have to say tom or jerry... both of them r soo cute!
  10. vishwa_81us

    vishwa_81us Banned

    one and only one my Fav: GARIMA :p:
  11. UjSen

    UjSen *#!EVIL*!!

    HOmer,Moe(from simpsons)
    woody woodpecker
  12. Alfons

    Alfons C.F.H

    Van Halen..( there was a cartoon character named after him )
  13. alpha1

    alpha1 I BLUES!

  14. Alfons

    Alfons C.F.H

  15. UjSen

    UjSen *#!EVIL*!!

    Ya he belonged to THE JUSTICE FRIENDS

    I liked him too :rock: :rock: :rock:
  16. CrYpTiC_angel

    CrYpTiC_angel Rebelle!

    @alpha1... i know u like the powerpuff girls :p

    my favs:
    calvin from calvin n hobbes
    homer simpson (and others frm the simpsons)

    tom n j r awesome to watch but not my fav characters
  17. UjSen

    UjSen *#!EVIL*!!

    how bout Hagar the horrible?
    or beetle bailey??
  18. alpha1

    alpha1 I BLUES!

    That was Van Allen as far as I remember
    Major Glory etc

    HAhaha what a fun it was.

    DeeDee was also nice.

    Cryptic: am doumbfounded. howdya know?
  19. UjSen

    UjSen *#!EVIL*!!

    Adding to ^^there was also The incredible Crunk
    and those two guys on the TV show who used to hit themselves with a club>
  20. alpha1

    alpha1 I BLUES!

    What about Johny Bravo?

    Noone can beat Louie Douie Houie (from Ducktails)

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