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    Here is a video that I found on the chord voicing of a particular song...This shows the genius of Ilayaraja to be able to use a western harmonization techniques over carnatic melodies...

    This is a popular tamil song by Ilayaraja, but the same logic applies to malli malli idi rani roju as it is the same ragam -- Madhyamawathi (other example - Suvvi Suvvi from swathi muthyam). These chords described below can be used to play malli malli idi rani roju...

    Do give it a try and see how it sounds. This song helped me learn two things -- the ragam sound and the application of exotic chords. Hope you people like it...

    In the above video he has tuned the guitar to make it suitable to play exotic chords barre style with muting effect rather than open strings and uses chords like --- B5 (B,F#,B,B,F#,B);;; C5 (C, G, C, C,G,C);;; C#5 (C#,G#,C#,C#,G#,C#) ;;;;;Cmaj7b5 (B, Gb, B, B, Gb, C) ;;;; F#5 (F#, C#, F#,F#,C#,F#);;;;; G#5 and so on, chords which I think are very exotic in sound...These are 5th chords (power chords).

    As I see it, the notes are arranged in such a way that the individual frets correspond to S R2 M1 P N2 S of madhyamavathi, starting from the 2nd fret. So,
    fret#2 = Sa (F#5), fret#4(G#5) = R2, fret#7(B5) = M1, fret#9(C#5) = P, fret#13 = N2; Thus each barre chord played represents madhyamawathi's notes with a grand color...

    Another way I look at it is that the strings are tuned to F#(Sa) C#(Pa) F#(Sa) F#(Sa) C#(Pa) F#(Sa)- Sa, Pa, Sa over several frequencies that gives a full sound and that a tambura drone or an elctronic drone uses. What one ultimately gets from this viewpoint is that virtually a tambura string-set has been tuned onto a guitar and has been used for barre/power chord play, on all 6 strings!!! All this being said, this and other alternate tunings can be used to play songs based on a few other ragas that are close to the notes above....
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    Great post, looks like you have good knowledge of music. Keep it up. I see that you tried figuring out the ragam for for suvvi suvvi song as well. Can you post the chords for that song?
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    Thanks, I really have a limited understanding of music, which is why I am trying to make it as simple as possible for others as well as myself to learn. Since suvvi suvvi is madhyamavathi, you can use the same power chords described in the video which I think has been used in the song.

    However, to keep things simple, I'll try to figure out and post some basic chords for the song in the standard tuning.
  4. ko_arjun

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    Here's what I figured so far (3 chords). It needs more work, but you can try these to see if they sound good.

    Esus4 or E7sus4, Dmaj,Bmin

    The song starts with Esus4 (022200) or E7sus4(022230) (I like the former better, but you can switch between them).
    Suvvi Suvvi Suvvalamma, Seethalamma
    Guvva Muvva Savvadalle Navvalamma
    Suvvi suvvi suvvalamma, seethalamma
    Guvva Muvva Savvadalle Navvalamma
    Suvvi Suvvi Suvveeeeee
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    Thank you very much, I will give that a try
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