Carnatic Guitarists Club!!

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How is this idea of setting up a carnatic guitarists club?

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  1. mccbala

    mccbala New Member


    Well, finally i found a place in the internet which blends western and carnatic music!!!

    Guys, how abt setting up a club dedicated to carnatic guitarists?? Wouldn't it be nice? Apart from being anonymous and posting notes and stuffs in the forum, we can get together and learn more from each other.. The only thing is that we should find a suitable place in chennai where we can practice weekly or fortnightly. If some club already exists and some of you go there, then please let me know. If not, come up with some suggestions for a place to meet and practice.. It would be fine if its a public place at chennai (How abt marina beach?? ;) ).. This way NOOBs like me can learn more from better knowledged people like some of you.. After deciding the place we can deicide the funding (ONLY if financial need arises), code of conduct n stuffs with which we can get acquainted safely. I can even setup a moderated website where we can signup for this :)

    Guys think about it.. I think there's no one to compete or continue guitar prasanna's music style so far in chennai.. Why can't one of us become his competitor (I'm highly dreaming.. :) ).. I really look forward for the day when we all meet up and practice.. He.. He..

    Cheers!! :)

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