Carnatic Chords for Indian Rain???

Discussion in 'Carnatic Music of South India' started by shivdu, Jul 6, 2005.

  1. shivdu

    shivdu New Member

    Would be great if anyone could provide the carnatic notation chords for the guitar part in INDIAN RAIN (of Colonial Cousins)?? Am in very much need of it!!!
    Have also attached the guitar part which comes in the song as a zip file.
    Thanks a ton in advance.

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  2. twarak

    twarak New Member

    I believe the song is in F#MAJOR. Itried this piece out with an appregiation oF c# major and b major (both barred versions)

    G---------6---------------4--- 4----------------

    C#mAJOR Bmajor

    The barre shapes are

    c#major Bmajor

    E 4 2
    A 6 4
    D 6 4
    G 6 4
    B 4 2
    E X x

    Hope this sounds good enough
  3. twarak

    twarak New Member

    From the 'miniscule' amount of knowledge i have gathered, the phrase carnatic chords may be incorrect to use.. as the harmony component is not evident explicitly in carnatic music...

  4. arunrx

    arunrx Banned

    The scale is in C#.
    Twarak, your chords are also compatible. You can replace your B chord with G#m7. G#m7 can be substituted with B, as you did, but on the song you can hear the bass line on G#. So playing B with G# bass forms G#m7.

    (B chord= B+D#+F#. If you play with G# bass, it becomes G#+B+D#+F#, which is nothing but G#m7)

    And yup.. carnatic chords is a wrong term. Anyhow, he asks chords in form of carnatic notation I believe.

    Sa Ga Pa makes C#
    Pa Ni2 Ri Ma makes G#m7

    Pick the above notes from the raaga - Shankarabarnam formed using C# as Sa.
  5. kabeshan

    kabeshan New Member

    wow thanks bro. i was searching for this Guitar Tabs. I love this song. thanks a million.

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