Cant right click..?

Discussion in 'Feedback Forum' started by Tissue_Paper, Aug 1, 2010.

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  1. Tissue_Paper

    Tissue_Paper New Member

    im using the latest mozilla..but i cant right click on any of the links..?
    im havig the same problem on all the browsers..please fix this..:\
  2. rickkkyrich

    rickkkyrich Guest

    right click is disabled on IGT... click using the scroll button of ur mouse on the link u wanna open..
  3. Tissue_Paper

    Tissue_Paper New Member

    i'd generally have to drag n drop on a new tab..thanks.
  4. alpha1

    alpha1 I BLUES!

    Go to any browser and check the javascript options.
    You can remove many of the useless ones ...

    After which sites like IGT are rendered toothless in their war against piracy by copying.
  5. guitardoctor

    guitardoctor Will Rx for food

    Right click is disabled to prevent copying? I can just press ctrl-C... Or Edit>Copy.

    There's a deeper reason why Big Brother has decided to block this. Big Brother is wise and handsome and your friend, he would not do it unless it was for your safety, comrade. We are at war, and in war the proletariat has to be adjusting some privileges for success of glorious republic.

    Maybe one day you be right clicking, and next thing we know the enemy drop a nuke on us. Millions die. Your wife and kids too. You understanding, yes? The right click is disabled for your own safety.

    So please to not be right clicking, comrade. To be reporting to nearest re-education camp for further information.
  6. horsesmouth

    horsesmouth Active Member

    lol..i once read an old thread...sticky one/...
    it had an IGT album with some pix i could'nt open. a gal complained those pics might be dangerous. and the admin disabled right clicks to prevent copying pictures from IGT albums. Its NOT to prevent piracy of any kind ( You can easily use keyboard to copy all thingies.....all but pictures) , just to protect female members who never logged in later. Though the album itself is redundant now (I could not see them). I expect the clicks to start again, its really irritating.
    All things here started with some history...this being one of them.
  7. guitardoctor

    guitardoctor Will Rx for food

    Ah, the magic of pussy power... When one dumb girl can ruin a website experience for hundreds of people for years, just because she was too much of a retard to NOT CLICK on a photo she thought was dangerous...
  8. ultrabot90

    ultrabot90 Like fishes need bicycles

    Where is that album? Bet I can still download the pic without disabling JavaScript o_O
  9. aviral1990

    aviral1990 New Member

    lol..yh need right clik to function..
  10. ultrabot90

    ultrabot90 Like fishes need bicycles

    Bow to the power of Ctrl+Left Click in Opera :p
  11. Super-Admin

    Super-Admin Administrator Staff Member

    lol! Boy that was funny.
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