Can't Recall/find A Song I Heard On The Radio.

Discussion in 'The ChitChat Lounge' started by electrokix, Sep 28, 2007.

  1. electrokix

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    greetings, Igtians

    i'm into all genres of music with special interests in electronica nd the like, i can play the guitar(i've got a Gb&A strat nd a digitech death metal), the drums, nd a bit of the synth.( i just fool around with it actually), i'm dying to try out the violin and the tabla(yes u got tht right)

    i'm not into bollywood songs that much, so i need help, i was in the car while i switched on to the radio(92.7 FM) and there was this really catchy song, with a lot of electronic stuff, nd the only lyrics i could catch were "abhi jaa / aa bhi jaa" :S repeated over nd over again, if some1 could please tell me the name of this song , the singer or the movie its from , i would be very gratefull.

  2. alpha1

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    There would be countless songs fitting your description.

    Since you have the guitar, you can perhaprs record the melody, and then we can guess the song.
  3. i'm_not_neo

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    Yupp,really there can be many songs that can match that criteria..but I think it maybe the remix version of To Phir Aao..maybe,if you haven't heard the song before...
  4. i'm_not_neo

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    Uhmm..can any1 please tell me what song this is from..I heard it a few days back and all I can remember is a small 10 sec loop in it... taking alpha1s advice,here's the only melody I remember from the song..english techno genre..maybe a remix..plz check :

    Both play the same melody..file 2 has some more notes..that's the only difference..

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  5. UjSen

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    yeaa but how many songs have abhi jaa repeated over and over again, :S??

    i suggest u listen to tht station more often cause they'll play it again fro sure, nd catch some other lyrics, >> or watch mtv. they dont play anything apart from bollystuff like tht .

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