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    I can't understand why after 2 years of playing I can't still play rhythm properly. My problem is I keep dropping the pick. :mad:
    Hold it too hard and the sound is unbearably reverberating; too light, and its inaudible. Put the correct pressure and the pick starts rolling down after few strums. Irritating.

    Long back I tried using a thin 0.3 mm pick, and it helped avoid the problem, but the sound was still too low, and in some time the pick almost broke in half. It didn't help knowing that most others can strum properly even with standard 0.7 mm picks.
    I still can't palm mute (even on an electric) and have to do it with my left hand which sounds lame in distortion. I guess it has something to do with wrong strumming style or holding my guitar. Probably should have joined classes :|
    Does anybody have videos?

    Also, My Vaio doesn't come with a 3-pin (no earthing). What to do? It gives unbearable noise during recording if its being charged.

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