Cant barre all 6 strings with my index finger

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    SALMAN FARIS New Member

    M new to acstc guitr.N m practising barre chord for 1 month.still there r buzzes in G and A strings..
    I tried by rolling my index finger several times but the G string dosnt fix the buzz...
    Wot to do???
    Some one plz...
  2. alpha1

    alpha1 I BLUES!

    It takes time for fingers to develop skills and strength.
    So practice is the only thing that you can do.
    There are no pills or injections available that can help you with barre chords, I am afraid.

    On the other hand, technique is also something that may be a suspect. Where do you keep your barring finger?
    It should be JUST next to the fret. Not in the middle between the two frets.

    SALMAN FARIS New Member

    Thanx a lot dude..
    but m practicing it for month.
    I do barre just next to the frets..
    And still there are mutes..
    Is the barre chord suits for evryonz index fingr??
    How long does it take to sound clean all the strings for a normally weak fretting left hand.??

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