Can You find the Chords for Varanam Aaiyram Intro Song(LINK INSIDE)

Discussion in 'Tamil Guitar Tabs - Submit or Request' started by cibhin, May 16, 2012.

  1. cibhin

    cibhin New Member

  2. kvkrishnadas

    kvkrishnadas New Member

    G (bar on 3rd fret )
    hai apanaa dil to aawaaraa,
    C (bar on 3rd fret
    naa jaane kis pe aayegaa
  3. cibhin

    cibhin New Member

    Can you explain in detail sir...? Is that a cappo in 3rd fret or G maj in 3rd fret.. and what is the finger picking pattern that repeated again and again.
  4. Ashyantony7

    Ashyantony7 Performer

    The link is not available.. could you provide me some other link.. I'll post you chords for it sure..

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