can u please sugest an ending?

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  1. hellismine89

    hellismine89 New Member

    hey guys i've written a song n i dont know how i end it... also this is my first lyric trial so please comment !!

    your memory remains
    remains in my soul
    you no longer are
    the one i used to love
    i was always trying
    but you went overload
    n then i realized ,
    its time to let you go

    I dont know where i stand
    i dont know where to go
    I'm tired of finding ways
    to let you know .........

    (i miss you , i need you ;
    i loved you , and i still do;
    the times sure are changing;
    and sure enough so are you) x2

    now i need one verse ...please help?
  2. irfanintekhab

    irfanintekhab New Member

    i was not taught
    it was not my fault
    that i saw you
    and loved you

    or maybe you can tell ur own qualities comparing like

    what was wrong in me
    anything you see
    i can change for you
    which i always do
    for you
    and alone for you
    lol do anything

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