can`t get da strumming patterns

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    i`m 14 nd i`m learnin hw 2 play a guitar since last 3 months. ive learned quite a few songs -tabs and chords. i face a problem in playin da chords of a song.

    1) i can`t get da strumming patterns. althouh ive learned certain rhythms such as soul,bosonova,etc but after lukin for da chords on da net i still cant play da song as i dunno da strummin patterns.

    2) anoder problem im facin is where 2 play da chords weder as a barre hord or without barre........

    if nebody can help plz do.reply here or email at-
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    Arre yaar firstly, don't post your email ids ...
    Seach the forum , there are crores of threads containing this problem(Go to the beginner's forum..)

    Thirdly..Coming to your problem..Every new guitarist has this problem so nothing to be worried about..2 suggestions.. Don't try too much tough songs, instead, try the easier ones with minimal chord changes....Try to play with the original song, that will build up your rythm ;)
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    Oh! U have another problem!!
    It doesn't matter generally...U can play barre or nut positions..For some songs, the rythm has "Mutes"(lyk in Allah ke bande) so you have to play Barre.. So, it's better 2 play barre...If you can't hold that, play nut...

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