Can someone help me with Tabs and Chords for Happy Days (Telugu) Title Song

Discussion in 'Telugu Guitar Tabs - Submit or Request' started by jammerules, Apr 7, 2008.

  1. jammerules

    jammerules New Member

    Hello guys,

    I am planning to do a song from Happy Days movie (Happy Days Rock) for a local function here in Detroit for Ugadi. So if you have a chance, could you please post tabs and chords for that song!! Your help is much appreciated.


    p.s : I posted a comment on this page here (my handle is Jammerules)

    p.p.s: You can find that song here

    The first 4 minutes is what I am looking for.
  2. Guntur Blues

    Guntur Blues New Member


    The first Bit:

    D B G A(8 strokes on each note) on the E string(Top String).
    Chords-D Bm G A,simple down strokes,8 times)

    I f ur function is today,good luck,otherwise let me know,I have a simpl tutorial video for that song.
    Thank you
  3. jammerules

    jammerules New Member

    Hiya Guntur (a very unique handle yet interesting!),

    Thanks a bunch for your quick response....I heartfully appreciate it! No, my function is on the 3rd May. I would definitely love to see your video. I can't wait till you up it! Thanks again,
  4. Guntur Blues

    Guntur Blues New Member



    I have loaded a video,take a look,its a basic version,not upto the mark but enought to get an idea.
    My suggestion is take a look at Itssoldier channel on youtube and request him,he is amazing!!!


  5. jammerules

    jammerules New Member

    Thanks and will give it a try today.

    Hi Guntur....

    Chala baagundi mee video. It is a good start for me. Right now, what my tutor taught me is to use D Major and A Major only (for rythm) and he is going to play the lead. But I think yours is more interesting with Bm and G. Although I am playing the A major on the second fret. Please pardon my amateur terminology as I am still a beginner. I will definitely give yours a try and see how it is coming. Also, I have long before favorited 'ItsSoldier' channel in youtube. In fact, he said he will do a video on that song. I am still waiting on it. I will let you know how your chord sequence is helping me soon!!!
  6. jammerules

    jammerules New Member


    Hello Guntur,

    I am practising the song using the chord sequence you provided and it is coming out good. Thanks a zillion for your help again! Keep this forum alive...cuz this simply rocks, dude!!!!

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