Can somebody share me in buying video tutorials of David Taub

Discussion in 'Guitar Gear Talk Forum' started by thiagarajan, Dec 11, 2011.

  1. thiagarajan

    thiagarajan New Member

    While searching for guitar strumming lessons for beginners in you tube I came across video tutorials of David. It was quiet interesting and very helpful. He explains even a very minute thing in detail. I love the way he teaches. You can find some of his tutorials in the below link.
    Beginner guitar lesson learn how to strum with EZ rhythm strumming patterns - YouTube
    Learn acoustic guitar chords & strum patterns for beginners - YouTube

    I thought of buying some of his video tutorials through online. He has got 3 DVD set for beginners. Each set has got 4 DVD’s, totally 12 DVD’s. Each set contains 8 hours of lessons. You can find the price in Next Level Guitar SHOP: Credit Card Payment Enabled. This price of
    NLG 1-4 DVD Set - 99$
    NLG 5-8 DVD Set - 129$
    NLG 9-12 DVD Set - 129$

    For more details about the contents of each DVD

    NLG 1-4 DVD Set
    NLG 5-8 DVD Set
    NLG 9-12 DVD Set

    Totally it costs 357$. But if we buy as a three set we will get it for - 229$ i.e. Rs. 11450
    I thought of buying as a whole. I would appreciate if some of you share the price. If 10 people share the price it will cost around Rs.1145. After getting the DVD’s I’ll make copy of the DVD and send you via post. There are lot of other interesting DVD’s available in that website like Strumming & Rhythm Techniques 3 DVDs. If you are interested in any of these, please let me know so that we can share the price and buy.
  2. mymusicmyguitar

    mymusicmyguitar New Member

    I am sure u wud find many other helpful tutorials and videos on torrents. Search over there first then plan to invest money in sumthing like this. This deal is not bad by the way :p
  3. Sumanovo razor

    Sumanovo razor New Member

    in justinguitar you gonna get videos for free...though i like david...
  4. A for apple

    A for apple New Member

    bro just search in torrent for Learn and Master Guitar dvds it has around 20 sessions and workshop along with it before buying anything ....
  5. ayu135

    ayu135 New Member

    ^dude piracy is bad, and justin from is awesome i completed the beginners course and i must say it is good.

    You can subscribe to it is cheap like $15 a month and the videos are downloadable they have superb lessons and superb instructors. I subscribed for a month and learnt the beginner level 2 course and simultaneously downloaded the entire rock level 1 course and then learnt from it for next 2 months and i didnt need to pay anything for the next two months as i could watch the downloaded ones.
  6. thiagarajan

    thiagarajan New Member

    I was quiet attracted by the way David teaches so i thought of buying his DVD's. Even i tried and Justinguitar but they both didn't attract me much. I feel the way David teaches is very very simple. Now they give the DVD for half the price i.e 149$ with 2 extra DVD's. Check the offer in the below link

    NLG Sales Letter

    So you get all 12 Instructional DVDs - each DVD is 2 hours in length - that is 24 hours of killer guitar lessons, plus three written lesson booklets that coincide with each DVD series, plus two song lesson DVDs which are two hours each, and the three day full access website pass.

    I searched for Learn and Master Guitar dvds in torrents and didn't find seeds for that. But i am downloading " Learn Guitar Tricks Video Lessons Tutorial". Will comment on that once i finish my downloading.

    But i don't want to take risk by ordering the entire bundle so i ordered for "STRUMMING & RHYTHM TECHNIQUES MADE SIMPLE" which costs around 36.95$. If it is worth paying i will buy the entire bundle on my own.

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