can ne1 giv me chords and tabs for SAYONEE by JUNOON

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  1. eklavya

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    please some1 post the full song SAYONEE by the group Junoon. Will be obliged to receive the same. :rock:
  2. Quadrophenia

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    have u searched the forum?..if u havent../please do!..the button which says 'search' mite be a clue..
  3. Bleeding Guitar

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    haha is that a trivia goin on here poor soul!
  4. ssslayer

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    here check these out ...

    i play the leads slightly diff ... but it sounds ok (and more convenient to me) ...

    play the solo on Mesa Boogie - Rectiifer amp if u can afford it (or a processor that simulates it) ... that will produce the best sound ...
  5. anshphenomenon

    anshphenomenon Rape me :boff:

    here r the tabs of sayonee

    e ----10------10------10------10------10------10------10------10----
    B --10--10--10--10--10--10--10--10--11--11--11--11--10--10--10--10--
    G ------------------------------------------------------------------
    D ------------------------------------------------------------------
    A ------------------------------------------------------------------
    E ------------------------------------------------------------------

    e ----13------13------9------9-----------8-------5---------5--------
    B --10--10--10--10--8---8--8---8-------6-------3-----------6--------
    G -----------------------------------7-------5------5------7--------
    D ----------------------------------------------------7----7--------
    A ---------------------------------------------------------5--------
    E ---------------------------------------------------------x--------

    (F)Sayonee (C) (Dm) Sayonee

    (Dm)Chen ik (Bb)pal (Dm)Nahin

    (Dm)Chen ik (Bb)pal (Dm)Nahin

    (Dm)Chen ik (Bb)pal (Dm)Nahin

    (Dm)Aur koi (F)hal (C)Nahin (Dm)

    Sayonee Sayonee

    Chen ik pal Nahin. Aur koi hal Nahin
    Sayonee, Sayonee.

    Kon (Dm)morae (Bb)muhar (Dm)

    Kon (Dm)morae (F)(C)muhar (Dm)

    Kon (Dm)morae (Bb)muhar(Dm)(Bb)

    Koi (F)Sanval (C)nahin (Dm)
  6. eklavya

    eklavya New Member

    thanx guts this is cool
  7. eklavya

    eklavya New Member

    i mean thanx guys (not guts)
  8. acebuddy129

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    Double posting eh?? Heard about a small button that says edit on it?? If yes thn plz use it next time fer EDITING ur post :)

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