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    guyz .... i usually play rthymz ... n wanna learn abt tabbing n leading ... lyk ... i hav an idea abt da chordz n m playin guitar since an yr .. but i dunt know ne thing abt scales n awl dat theory stuff
    but i hav decyded to learn dat .... hmmmm

    can ne one help me ...
    can ne one educate me abt da scales ... or temmee ne link frm where i can learn .... i want to b lead guitarist now ... soo wht r itz essentialz n awl stuff required to b a gud lead guitarist ...
    there r so many guruS heRe ... plz help me out ne one .. plzz

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    try the tutorials forum.
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    yar leave abt scales try to play mekaal hasan's song nd if u r succeded u will be lead guitarist kid

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