can anyone post the chord plz?

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  1. redwine

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    hello guys ...eid mubarok.. hope u all had nice eid day.. can any1 here put the chords of "tepantor er math periye" by sumon and "hoytoba valobasha" by sumon? i searched the forum but couldnt find it :(..i will appreciate if any1 have the time to post the chords
  2. skywriter

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    hoytoba valobasha iz a tribute 2 john denvers perhaps love...
    i know the chordz of that song...shd work 4 the sumons version 2...i'm giving these frm my memory,i dont hav a guitar 2 play 2 make it they may not b 100% correct...
    G Bm C D
    bridge(this is the part i'm not sure abt)-
    C D G
    Em Bm C G D...

    just chck out ..n rest shd be easy 2 figure out.

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