can anyone please help me learning chords

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  1. This site is the best site to understand your guitar, yes even i've learned simple guitar tabs from this site(it helped me a lot)

    But i've seen most of the songs are just typed with chords.
    I am totally unaware of these chords, can anyone please help me learning chords. Please! :nw:
  2. rabi_sultan

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  3. bob-bobby

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    @ junoon , you are new to this site , most of the things which you are looking for already exist in most of the forums here , it is better for you to use the search option and look for your queries before you post them in a thread , i hope you would follow the search option before next time , before you raise a query on a thread ...

    nws , welcome to IGTS - enjoy your strumming here !!!!
  4. @bob , yep i used the search tool by typing CHORDS but there were so many pages the the first few pages were not teaching chords.

    @ rabi , thankx for the link
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  6. fictional_real

    fictional_real Pyaasi Jawani way to learn guitar for

    also, igt is useful to know more abt guitars and stuffs.
  7. thankx for the file, it must help me.

    @fictional,,,, fine, site noted down
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