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  1. nimish06

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    Hey members of IGT i am Nimish Singh and i`ve been learning guitar for the past 6mnths. I can play few songs. I joined IGT so that i could get few tabs....but whenever i look for them i find in a very different way from what i`ve learned. I am not able to understand dese tabs so plz anyone of u can help me understand dese tabs. I `ve learned the tabs in the following pattern-:
    and the strings name have been same it goes like EBGDAE.
    So if anyone can provide me wid notes or tabs in dis fashion or can ne1 explain me how to play dose tabs which are given in numbers format in dis site.
  2. Preet_31

    Preet_31 New Member

    brother, in which manner u found the tabs? all r in way u mentioned...
    may be ur problem about tabs in numbering form....
    it is not a big deal to understand those. infact its easy than Sa-C...etc
    the horizontal lines indicates strings, upper most mostly higher E sequently up to lower & numbers mentions the frets on the string where u have to press. Remember follow sequence of numbers from left to right doesn't matter on which string. best luck
    Enjoy IGT.
  3. nimish06

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    thanx a lot

    thanx a lot bro for helping me out. will try to follow ur advice......yes m having problems understanding the number system......will try it out and let u know.
  4. Jus_chillaxxx

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    Yara juss follow preet's advice.. nd remember on any site.. u ll rarely get chords in sa re ga ma format
    So... just chillax @ igt ;)

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