Can anybody help me with the lobo song????

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    Hey you playing guys can you help me out wid the lobo song "I'd love you to want me" anybody getting any idea about the guitar chords and strumming pattern of this song may please be compassionate to provide this!!!! I will be very greatful to you.

    If you've not heard this song then search youtube about lobo-"the song name" hear it and help me. Its a real nice song.
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    Chords that i had found on the internet ( long time back dont remember the
    url thou' ). enjoy!!

    I'd love you to want me - Lobo
    Verse 1:
    When I saw you standing there
    I about fell off my chair
    When you moved your mouth to speak
    I felt the blood go to my feet
    Verse 2:
    Now it took time for me to know
    What you tried so not to show
    Something in my soul just cried
    I see the want in your blue eyes
    Chorus :
    G			Am
    Baby, I'd love you to want me
    The way that I want you
    The way that it should be
    G			Am
    Baby, you'd love me to want you
    The way that I want to
    	D		G
    If you'd only let it be

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