Can any one tell me how can i improve my strumming

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    Hey guyz .. !
    Can any one tell me how can i improve my strumming .. ??
  2. jayanth

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    Hi There..
    Ok Strumming problems are easy to solve.. I hope you have a comfortable posture while playing.. Pick a few Fav songs, Learn their chords.. Playin IN TIME.. By In time, i men Make you chord changes perfect. Like at the second line if you have to change a chord change it. First you can strum all down like ... Down down down down.. Improve on your tIMING.. Then YOu can do an alternate Up stroke.. Down Up Down Up.. Then you can try out various other strumming patters according to the song..

    Secondly, another scope for improvement lies in the PLECTRUM you use.. Use a soft plactrum and hold it very genlty. Not to tight. Strum from the TIP of the plectrum.. That should help too..

    Thirdly, My song recommendations For Strumming improvement,
    1. Junoon - Sayonee
    2. Two Steps Behind - Def LEpard
    3. Country Roads - John Denver
    4. Comfortably Numb - Pink Floyd
    5. Wish You Were Here - Pink Floyd


    Thanx Jayanth nice advice !

    Janyanth Thanx for replay .

    ive Praticed normal strumingg .. but When i Try to play songs i can understand what is the strumming going on ..
    im taking Guitar classes .. n ive learned many types of sample strumming like .. Jazz beat , Desi , Slow .. . and so on .. but i always fails to under stand Strumming of songs ...

    Hmm if u can understand the Problem .. replay my soon ..
  4. jayanth

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    Oh my.. MY name is Jayanth.. (Neo you are lucky people can get your name right everytime) ..

    back to your problem.. AT the beginning you can do it only by Trial And Error method.. no shortcuts.. Laters you will get the hang of it..


    Reply !

    Ohh soory Jayanth Typing mistake .. ignore it ..
    acha wisay wht is This Trial And Error method plz .. Help me out ..
    Can u hang me some lessons of .. TRial and error method ! ...
    im not confused just little dizzy .. wht to do ..
    hmm ive done major scales and i can also change cords easily ..
  6. ijlal

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    hi all..

    well as far as i know in trial and error method u pick up a random strumming pattern and then match it wid ur song.....if it is matched ok......if it is not try another strumming pattern until u find the correct one.

  7. jayanth

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    Thast right Ijlal.. Pick some Permutation of Up and down and use it..
  8. Natasia

    Natasia ...

    hey ... wat are the diff kinda beats like there's the waltz n then ravishingboy mentioned strumming patterns like jazz beat etc,,, wat are the rest... could sumone compile a list of the diff strumming patterns ....... :) :) :) ,,,,,,
  9. jayanth

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    There can never be a list of patterns cause it will never end.. I play a pattern which is a 7/6 beat.. So its hard to exlpain it.. else for power chords there are different patterns.. So depends on a song basically.


    Just A Newbee ..

    There are manny types of partten .. like jazz beat i said .. Natasia
    Its lia a Partten of Alternate strumming .. .

    Jayanth i think i should better Complete my cords section .. then i think it will auto . .improve my strumming ..

    im a Newbee on guitaring yar .. i started 3 months .. ago . .. i can plaY Major cords .. etc some songs...
    u got some cool sujjestion ? For learning and Practicing cords ??
    And one more thing tell my Easy way to remember Cords on Scales .. Majors , Minors .. Sharpes .. :cool:
  11. jayanth

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    No easy way to remember stuff.. You will remember by playing it only.. Yhea your self assesment sounds just right..
  12. satriani

    satriani run in veins

    hello yaar solve my problem too plz i am having biggest problem wid the strumming when ever i play it sounds same whether i play different songs it doesnt matter to my strumming it remains always same like up down up down down down how can i get rid of this yaar yeh toh total mazak hai all chords sounds same plz kuch batao what to do !


    New Biee

    Yeah satriani im having a same problem to yar. .
    but not with cords. .just i cant Figure the strumming going on the songs. .
    acha wisay In ur problem .. use Lift ups .. breaks ... to improve ur partten strumming ....
  14. jayanth

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    @ Satch - You are facing a simple problem.. This syndrome is called too much of Same song Syndrome.. Listen to other songs for a change thewn come back to this one and play..

    Start with a simple down down, then Up up and then mixe and match according to beat..
  15. satriani

    satriani run in veins

    yaar i have tried this alot i can play Aadat's chords quite easily bcz the strumming of the song is same as i play by default :) the other problem i am facing is i cant play A BARRE CHORD SERIES ! easy solution plz !
  16. jayanth

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    Thats just not easy to play.. Barre chords take a lot of time.. May be like two months.. Or at the easiest One Month.. YOu got to practice.. Not other solution to that..
  17. pacificwaters

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    hey i am a new member.

    i was going through this strumming thing as it also perplexes me.

    i agree that there can be many different strumming patterns. but like when i take a new song and try out its chords. how do i know which strtumming pattern to use. moreover on the net when i search for the chords, i get only which chords to play at which place. nothing is mentioned about the strumming pattern to be adopted for that song. so can anyone please guide me about this.

    plzzzzzz i need help. sometimes i feel i am stagnating
  18. jayanth

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    Go back and read all Forums regarding Strumming.. You will actually understand.. I have explained it in my first few replies on theis thread too..
  19. esgallindeion

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    well, pacific... to cut a long story short... just reading tabs and chords from the internet wont help you much... you must try to hear the song properly and try to catch the sound of the guitar (sometimes it may be difficult, especially at first, but you'll get the hang of it)... once you hear the song properly, you will know how it is being played and then with practice you'll be able to do that... so first of all don't just try to play every single song... instead, strum chords in different patterns and try to figure out what sounds come from what patterns... it will help you a lot.
  20. 6String_assasin

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    good advice...

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