Can a Floyd Rose be replaced with any other Bridge?

Discussion in 'Guitar Gear Talk Forum' started by mymusicmyguitar, Sep 27, 2007.

  1. mymusicmyguitar

    mymusicmyguitar New Member

    Broke one of the strings of my Ibanez yesterday....Changing the strings was really a pain in the A**.... Thats when the idea of replacing the Floyd Rose with some other Fixed bridge struck me... since i use the tremelo once in a blue moon.....

    What are the pros and Cons of replacing the original Floyd Rose with some other Fixed Bridge??
  2. d_ist_urb_ed

    d_ist_urb_ed Genuflect b*tches!

    Ah haha. I feel like this everytime i have to replace the strings of my rg370dx too. But somehow i've never pursued the idea past a thought cause i think it'd mess up the integrity of the original instrument. No idea about the actual technical aspect of it however.
  3. alpha1

    alpha1 I BLUES!

    Buy a n00 guitar with fixed bridge or with vintage tremolo (since you do you use it sometimes).

    For installing floating bridge you have to carve out a huge cavity at the bridge. Even if you would be able to install a fixed bridge it would look bad, and that cavity would be visible.
  4. Life_Sans_Death

    Life_Sans_Death Acronym!

    Plus a fixed bridge instrument due to greater weight, gives better sustain. On your guitar that will be less as I believe that a huge part is already missing in the cavity.

    So get a new instrument. You will have 2 guitars!
  5. varun1712

    varun1712 New Member

    and plus the floyd holds the tuning REALLY REALLY well.........
  6. mymusicmyguitar

    mymusicmyguitar New Member

    Yeah the Cavity is really big and it will definitely look bad......The Fixed bridge as compared to the Floyd will be very small, you are right..........The Idea of changing the Bridge has completely vanished.......No more thoughts bout it..

    M even plannin to sell my Ibanez S540 after 5to 6 months..... so I guess if i mess around with the original parts it wud certainly reduce the price of that......
  7. ronnieanand

    ronnieanand n00bier th@n th0u

    Dude...get a wooden block and cover the cavity and then instal any kind of fixed bridge...After this, get a paint job done and no one will notice that you have a change of bridge done...And it's the right time to get your guitar painted to some crazy color you always thought of...
  8. Shreddy

    Shreddy LaneyManeyResurrection

    Or just buy a tremol-no....
  9. mymusicmyguitar

    mymusicmyguitar New Member

    Shit man......Thats a cool IDEA !!!!....But getting block of wood and fixing it wont affect the tone??....
    Well and the wood that i will be fixing should be mahogany only..... rht??..I mean shud match the Guitars wood.....
    Again the question is, is it possible to revert it back to its original condition at the time of Selling it??
    Definitely i wont be glueing it to the body so i guess reverting it back to original COndition wont be a problem i guess...

    I wud definitely not change the color of my guitar Coz its in a very good condition rht now.... COLORING wud be done only on that extra peice of wood Installed....
  10. mymusicmyguitar

    mymusicmyguitar New Member

    Just now read what Tremol-no is ........

    Sounds good....But is it available over here in Mumbai shops?? Or do i need to order it??

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  11. Shreddy

    Shreddy LaneyManeyResurrection

    need to order...its about 60$...

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