Calling Bongs in Bangalore

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    Needed - Bengali guys and girls who play the following

    1. Drums
    2. Keyboards
    3. Bass
    4. Voice (Rock, no robindro shongeet here)

    Musicians are required to own decent instruments and kits (that goes for vocals also).
    I have gained a foothold in the RockBaaji program that is sponsored by Levi's in Bangalore, and I can get a gig there. Its a chance to do something for bengali rock, and earn some moolah too. Both originals and Covers will be accepted at the gig, so its not too taxing.

    No hobbyists please, ideally people with prior stage experience. preferred mentally matured people, no excessive drugs or alcohol. these can be reconsidered if you are brilliant at something. In case you are not a bengali but would like to play, thats also fine, as long as you respect the music. PM me if you are interested.


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