Calcutta International Classical Guitar Festival & Nikita Koshkin Competition

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    The Calcutta International Classical Guitar Festival And Competition 2010 & Calcutta International Classical Guitar Competition “Nikita Koshkin” is the first ever event of this genre in India and Calcutta, which will firmly place Kolkata in the world map of western classical music and make it a classical guitar destination.
    With 10 concerts, 6 public master class seminars and 70 private master classes by Classical Guitar Maestros from Argentina, Chile, Czech Republic, Finland, Germany, Netherlands, Russia, Spain and USA and a 100 guitarist international prize money competition, the Festival will without a doubt be the Musical Event of the Year and the largest ever held here. It will be the first ever opportunity for Indian guitar students to learn from, train under and listen to several international maestros of classical guitars at the same time, in India.
    Billed West Comes East, this magnificent musical extravaganza will be held over five days from 8-12 December 2010 and the music loving fraternity from all over India and more than fifteen other countries will converge on Kolkata for a pilgrimage of classical music. Being an international competitive event, the Festival will attract world-class participants who will vie for the prize money of US $ 10,000, the highest in the Asia-Oceania region.
    The Rabindranath Tagore Centre of ICCR in the heart of the city will host the Festival, which will be converted into a glorious amalgam of classical music, art and culture - the entire city will come alive with music and wear a festive look.
    The Festival will be presented by the Calcutta Classical Guitar Society, a registered non-profit engaged in the promotion of classical guitar. Partners who have already confirmed their participation in the Festival are Goethe Institut, Goa Guitar Guild, Congo Square and Weavers Studio Centre for the Arts. Other Cultural Organizations, Embassies, Tourism Bodies, Local Authority and Government Agencies are expected to lend their support.
    The international artists and guests will be accommodated in star hotels near the venue and will be provided all meals. The Indian culture and ethos of “guest is God” will be given its fullest meaning.
    Internationally acclaimed Russian composer, guitar maestro and the living legend Nikita Koshkin has kindly consented to allow the international guitar competition to be named after him and hence it has been named Calcutta International Classical Guitar Competition “Nikita Koshkin”. He will also be the Chairman of the Jury and there will be a special competition on pieces composed by him. Besides, he may give special master classes to selected students. Further, his talented concert guitarist wife Asya Selyutina will also be a member of the Jury Board and give concerts and master classes.
    The other international artists who are gracing the Festival are:
    • Frank Bungarten of Germany
    • Carlé Costa of Argentina/Germany
    • Denis Azabagic of Netherlands/USA
    • Pavel Steidl of Czech Republic
    • José Antonio Escobar of Chile
    • Petri Kumela of Finland
    • Cavatina Duo - Denis Azabagic of Netherlands/USA on guitar and Eugenia Moliner of Spain/USA on recorders
    • Duo NIHZ - Bobby Rootveld of Netherlands on guitar and Sanna van Elst also of Netherlands on recorders of
    We seek your support and good wishes in making the Calcutta International Classical Guitar Festival And Competition 2010 & Calcutta International Classical Guitar Competition “Nikita Koshkin” a momentous event.

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