Buzzing sound in ariana guitar

Discussion in 'Guitar Gear Talk Forum' started by dhriti4, May 11, 2010.

  1. dhriti4

    dhriti4 New Member

    Hey guys i recently bought an ariana semi-electric guitar frm bharat music guitar lajpat nagar. As i m beginner in guitar so i cudnt recognize the buzzing problem. The guitar has a buzzing nd rattling sound on sum frets. My guitar teacher adjustd the distance of the strings by an allen key. He says tht the fretboard has a problem nd the rod inside it is nt straight. I evn took it to bharat music house as i hve one year garuntee. They said these are minor problems nd cn be adjustd regularly by adjusting the string distance wenevr the buzzing sound occurs. Bt i consultd some people nd they said tht it is manufacturing defect. Plz help me as to how i shud permanently solve dis problem. Shud i refret the guitar frm a guitar shop nd tel me sum gud guitar repair shop in delhi. Plz guys help as i spent 7.5k fr dis guitar.
  2. ultrabot90

    ultrabot90 Like fishes need bicycles

    One question.

    y u tyep liek dis?

    Take that damn thing to Bhargavas in Daryaganj or OnStage in Lajpat Nagar/Noida Sector 18.
    And try knowing even 5% about how guitars work before picking one up. =|
  3. dhriti4

    dhriti4 New Member

    Sorry dude but i was in delhi so had to post this long description through mobile. Anyways asked for the solution, not for taunts. If you can help me in this then please otherwise its ok.
  4. flood

    flood New Member

    refrets are ****ing expensive. might as well buy a new guitar.... a decent refret job would cost a lot of money.

    in general i would NEVER recommend a refret unless the guitar is valuable and/or expensive and otherwise perfect, AND the person who is doing it really knows his shit. chances are the next chamcha who touches it will **** it even more than it was before you gave it to him.
  5. guitardoctor

    guitardoctor Will Rx for food

    Another guy ****ed by Bharat music house... Absolutely the worst store in Delhi, completely a den of thieves. Their guarantees mean nothing, their sales pitch is pretty much a course in getting ripped off due to ignorance. If you don't know enough about guitars and step into Bharat, it's like dropping your shorts and bending over. They just want to bang you and run with the money.

    Well if Bharat has screwed you, I'd say go to a more professional guitar shop like Ultrabot's recommendations above and get it fixed there...
  6. ultrabot90

    ultrabot90 Like fishes need bicycles
    Jk, couldn't resist. xD

    Anyway, so DO Google for it, see exactly what your problem is. because
    @flood - Is there really a need for a fret job? We dunno if it's a fret problem or a action problem...

    Anyway, OP, research around till you know the symptoms, the causes and the solutions like the back o yer hand. Scan other forums as well.

    And make sure things are clear between you and the tech, on what you want. Like flood says, there aren't too many good ones - if you feel the guy you find isn't the deal, better to stop and objectively reconsider.

    Best o' luck. (and get a teacher along when you buy guitars, though even they aren't always exactly perfect ;))

    @guitardoctor - Whoa, I've never bin there, is it really that bad? o_O
  7. guitardoctor

    guitardoctor Will Rx for food

    Yes. It's that bad. Rude staff, a rip-you-off attitude and no after sales support whatsoever. Worst of all is their general outlook towards the business. They behave like they're selling tomatoes, not instruments. The staff is very disrespectful and behave like uneducated people. I've literally overheard this conversation in there:

    Client: I'd like to try this guitar.
    Shop guy: So you're going to buy it?
    Client: Well, I'm here to buy a guitar. Can I try that?
    Shop guy (reluctantly, as if he's doing him a big favour): Well ok...
    -Client tries it out-
    Shop guy: It's good na? So should I pack it up?
    Client: Can I look at something else in this price range?
    Shop guy: This is such a nice guitar, why do you want something else?

    Douche. Just want to rape you and run with your money. Another guy finalized the whole deal and everything and at the last moment the douchebag shop guy said: OK that'll be another Rs .... for the case and another Rs .... for the Strap. Classical bait and switch. The poor guy tried to whine about it and they came back with "it's this way in every store, the price never includes the case".

    Absolutely absolutely disgusting people. Avoid that store at all cost.
  8. flood

    flood New Member

    yeesh. sounds terrible. actually worse than other music stores in india.

    to date, i haven't seen a SINGLE music store in india that i've been happy at, except perhaps bhargava's in bandra, and i get along with the furtados staff ok but the shop is a mess. i wondered if i should start a super-professional shop but i don't have that kind of capital to sink into a venture of that sort. plus, commercial rent in south bombay would mean that i need to be running into the crores every month just to survive....
  9. Jimmy_Rage

    Jimmy_Rage New Member

    A classic example of Bharat Music House's modus operandi can be seen if you ask them to "set up" your guitar... They'll ask you to leave it there and quote some obscene amount like Rs 1,000 for the job... Went there the other day to check out some amplifiers... Saw a really nice Randall solid state, but it was in beat up condition, looked like a second... Asked the guy and he's like, "No! This is a new piece!" Anyway, after quoting me a price of Rs 22k, he then whispers to me, "I'll give you a good price." He goes to the counter, picks up what looks like their price list, looks at it while making sure I'm looking at it, picks up his calculator, then types in figure of 22k, like magic... He even shows it to me without speaking, like we're conspirators all of a sudden... Naturally, I was sure he was charging me twice of whatever margin the owner was getting...
    The one plus point about the place is that they will make you custom cables with whatever ends you want, like XLR to TRS, etc...
    But on the whole, if you look like a sucker and act like one, you will be taken for a ride... If you're smart, don't do anything but inquire and if you hear the right price, then keep talking...
    @Dhriti: Refretting is probably the last resort if you have fret buzz... You can try other things like putting a little support behind the neck or the bridge to raise the height... Of course, this might change the action if it's not done right.... If you take it to Bharat, the first thing they'll do is pull out a file and start rasping away at the thing... Don't do that... Ask at Onstage Music down the road, they'll probably give you a good way to do it and while they charge, it is reasonable... Just be sure you stay with them the whole time though, you should never leave your instrument alone in a music shop...

    - Jimmy Rage
  10. flood

    flood New Member

    1k is a pretty tame amount for a refret job.... unless it's done in a brutal manner. it takes a lot of time to do it right. if all you're talking about is fret dress, then... god be with you. the file will be the weapon of choice for sure.

    bharat music house sure sound like *******s. hope they have a crappy weekend and the place burns down or something.

    +1 to jimmy rage's about never leaving your instrument alone in a music shop. i took my 6 to furtados for getting some neck twist dealt with - my 6 string bass has two truss rods, and picked up some serious twist after i moved back to india. they charged me some paltry sum - 300 bucks - and said their repair guy would only be there next week. so i thought, that's fine with me.... picked it up 2 weeks later with no appreciable change and then things just started getting worse. took it to my trusted tech who said they'd tightened the rods almost to the point of snapping. it's still not perfectly playable but a bit better now. from now on, no music shop - no exceptions - gets any of my guitars, either i do it myself or i get it done by someone i absolutely trust, like an industry-repped guitar technician like sunil shinde, or even the chaps at alberto, who've actually built some very playable guitars from scratch.

    i'd rather pay a bit more and get my instrument set up right than get ripped off on a "good deal" and have to buy a new guitar later. especially starting from next year, because i've decided i'm not going to buy anything below made in mexico quality. no made in china/malaysia/indonesia (except maybe sterling by music man), no toon wood indian crap-o-la, no plywood and cheap hardware. i'm fed up of spending money "upgrading" to "better" instruments.

    so no lying music store amateur hobby "luthiers" touching my guitars, even the cheaper ones, anymore. end of story.
  11. theghost

    theghost New Member

    Furtados did this? I thought at least the mumbai store had good techs.Futados is shitty even being the largest chain in India. SAD
  12. flood

    flood New Member

    yeah, i was shocked. i used to trust them blindly. i guess two truss rods was too much of a mind**** for them. that's the difference between a luthier and a music store's service chap, i would say.
  13. dhriti4

    dhriti4 New Member

    thanks alot guys.....fews days ago i visited onstage in lajpat nagar.....the guy over there was awesome, he had a lot of knowledge...and he also told me that refretting was the last option.....he then suggested me to change the strings and try.....i told him to change the strings......after changing the strings he tried everything possible to stop the fret buzzing and took nearly an hour as if i was going pay him for the extra work....then he could stop the buzzing on 6th nd 5th strings though still there is a minor rattling in 1st string 13th fret.....but that guy was very helpful......i dont know what to do, already i had spent alot after this guitar , I guess i will wait for sometimes and then see the solution.....but overall ariana guitar do have these buzzing problems but there soundbox is awesome.......and as for bharat music house.... i wont again go to that shit store again....had i found onstage before bharat music lyf wud hve been peacefull today....
  14. ultrabot90

    ultrabot90 Like fishes need bicycles

    We learn something new everyday. Good luck ^_^
  15. flood

    flood New Member

    a follow up to my post earlier:

    i'm pretty convinced now that i can't get a decent guitar-related job done in the country except for a couple of places.

    1. sunil shinde in charkop for everything pertaining to setup and intonation. he did a good job on my guitar and 6-string bass. the bass was unplayably warped before that.

    2. erisa neogy in pondicherry for... pretty much everything. due to the distances involved, he'd be my choice if i had to do a refinishing job, sunil is simply closer for setup work.

    3. arul in bangalore. never dealt with him personally, but like erisa, his know-how, work ethic and body of work so far are more than convincing.

    not happy with alberto's work at all (had a refinishing job done, the result was a bit depressing) although i get along fine with the guys there. the only person in the country i'm going to get guitars built from are erisa (next year, hopefully) and when i have that kind of money to spare and REALLY want a nice classical guitar, arul.
  16. bcrich

    bcrich New Member

    its shut. poor bhupinder.
  17. ultrabot90

    ultrabot90 Like fishes need bicycles

    ^How so? Must've gone there on the wrong day o t3h week.

    And to see another guy who knows Bhupinder to be a good guy...well, he may not know that a 7 string uses 7 string pickups and not 6 string pickups, but he's a nice guy :)
  18. bcrich

    bcrich New Member

    fully agreed! he's polite, that's what makes him a good dealer. but when I went to the noida sector-18 shop, there was something else in place of onstage. i asked the watchman sitting, he said its closed now. anyways, must be a renovation in progress.

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