Buying my first guitar please suggest. Shortlisted.

Discussion in 'Guitar Gear Talk Forum' started by pratikbagaria, Jun 28, 2009.

  1. pratikbagaria

    pratikbagaria New Member

    yay... I have decided to buy a Guitar.
    Now I know for sure it will be an Acoustic Guitar.

    I have short listed few Guitars. Please suggest which one you think is better, or if there is any Guitar other then on my list.

    I basically need it for learning purpose and playing with friends.

    Imported Pluto HW41-201 Jumbo Acoustic Guitar
    Granada PRS-1 Medium Cutaway Acoustic Guitar
    Pluto HW39-201C Medium Cutaway Acoustic Guitar
    Pluto Medium Classical Acoustic Guitar

    I have read fre good reviews about Pluto Guitars...

    But I am confused... :confused:
  2. saurabhrocks

    saurabhrocks New Member

    specify ur budget first,

    i recommend u a yamaha 310
    costs around 6000-8000 (not sure)
    sound investment,
  3. pratikbagaria

    pratikbagaria New Member

    Thanks man...
    I went ahead with Granade PRS1.
    I was low on budget, got it for 3100/- :)

    As for going high.. well i guess I will learn something on this and with you all guys here... later will upgrade...

    I also bought a strap and an extra pack of strings.
    Bag came along with the Guitar... :)

    Thanks guys...
  4. tshrjain

    tshrjain New Member

    Where did u buy it from?
    I believe u bought it in Mumbai.
    I want to buy it too.
  5. prs7001

    prs7001 New Member

    When you buy a guitar, do not get the one with plywood or artificial wood...look for the real wood...if you want to go with something around $200/- go for Yamaha ...if you can spend some $600/- plus, go for epiphone...

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