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Discussion in 'The ChitChat Lounge' started by lijothomas89, Aug 12, 2011.

  1. lijothomas89

    lijothomas89 New Member

    i'm gonna buy a new guitar.. and i got the idea of buying it online cause obviously guitars in US are way cheaper.. but i have no idea about shipping costs, custom tax etc.. can anyone help me out ??..
  2. rahulsahu

    rahulsahu New Member

    I may suggest to buy from india only and you should not buy it from online shops too !!...
    as you cant see the quality of the guitar ... and saying about the customs and shipping charges... they are tooooo high !!! . i just ordered a cappo .. for my guitar .... it costed me jumping price of 3000 ruppes including the shipping charges .. instead i could have bought a acoustic or 2nd hand electric at that price ... i may suggest o buy in india only .. and at all indian guitars are not tooo expensive ..
  3. lijothomas89

    lijothomas89 New Member

    yeah if u buying it from here then u can play the guitar , figure out wat suits u and all.. true.. but its just way way way cheaper online man.. i wanted this Ibanez EX series which costs about 550 dollars.. but in furtado's its 42,000 !!!... do the conversion , u'll see the difference... but yeah ur right.. with the shipping and customs etc etc costs put in , it makes more sense to just buy it from here.. thanks mate.. :)
  4. Super-Admin

    Super-Admin Administrator Staff Member

    @Lijo - Which city are u from ?
  5. lijothomas89

    lijothomas89 New Member

    I'm from chennai...
  6. rahulsahu

    rahulsahu New Member

    Ya you said right ... i figured out some points too .. there are many good guitars on ebay .. and some of them are for 30 USD ( thats Rs.1500 ) and they are good too .. but the shipping charges are very very high ... i checked it .. and it was 85 USD (that is Rs.4500 ) .. it means that its all over for Rs . 7000 ... the original price of that guitar in india is Rs.3000 ... so it means that we are quite saving Rs.4000.... Yeah ....
  7. fena

    fena New Member

    bump :)
    cant help it
    anyway i've done a little bit of research on this issue, but left it mid-way... i was also tempted on buying online but saved the idea for a future project.
    shipping will cost you an average of INR 5000 (some offer cheaper, if you're lucky they may ship for free) ..and customs/import tax will cost 30% of price + shipping .. so you're looking at price of guitar+cost of shipping+ 30%(guitar + shipping) ...unless you really need the guitar or unless its really unique..its not really worth it :)
  8. Vader

    Vader New Member

    plus american rates are always exclusive of tax

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