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Discussion in 'Guitar Gear Talk Forum' started by angel_of_sin, May 31, 2007.

  1. angel_of_sin

    angel_of_sin bassist.....

    i have decided to buy a Java stratocaster( already decided nobody can change it).....................i saw a Roland mini amp 15 watts.............(minicube) kinda likd had all efeects wid wid built in da trouble is dat i will be able to play only dose songs which have distoryion or dnt hve a tym.......plz suggest me what to amp budget is 6000.....................
  2. ethenhunt

    ethenhunt New Member

    Increase the budget to 7k and go for a Line 6 spider III 15w modelling amplifier.
    It has built in distortion,chorus,reverb,flanger and 25 other effects.

    ANd also it is at par with low end laney amps.

    Its available at bajaao too :D
  3. paranoid13rohan

    paranoid13rohan .: iNDiaN iDioT 3.0 :.

    divide the 6k for buying an amp and a distortion pedal. that'll solve your prob.

    my suggestion ~ Marshall MG15CD Amp (15 watts) + Digitech Grunge Distortion Pedal.

    should be within 6000 ... might be a lil more.
  4. raj.hendrix

    raj.hendrix New Member

    it'll come to about 7200.

    mg15 cd is 4800

    digitech grunge is 2400
  5. paranoid13rohan

    paranoid13rohan .: iNDiaN iDioT 3.0 :.

    @ raj.hendrix ~ if u got the prices from bajaao, be sure that you'll get the same stuff at much lower price if you buy them from outside.
    i think both will cost together somewhere around 6,500 ...

    p.s. the rest depends on your bargaining skills.
  6. raj.hendrix

    raj.hendrix New Member

    i dont think digitech products are available anywhere in delhi besides bharat(onstage only has dunlop/mxr pedals). bhargavas has a couple of boss pedals for the past 2-3 years haha!

    Bharat was selling a bad monkey for 3500 and bhargavas had only a couple of boss pedals in stock at ridiculous prices. the bad monkey was for 2300 on bajaao. so going by that a grunge should be around 3500 only if our friend is buying from new delhi stores.

    although i cant say tha same for the amp.
  7. paranoid13rohan

    paranoid13rohan .: iNDiaN iDioT 3.0 :.

    ^ i buy all my stuffs either from kolkata (mainly) or mumbai (sometimes). have no dam idea about what's the scene in delhi ...
  8. angel_of_sin

    angel_of_sin bassist.....

    ummmmm.........i 4gt to mention ..... i want a processor nt a pedal..............going for zoom only 3500 now...............which amp?????????/

    PS...... how are playmates 40W and 100 w??????????????
  9. rohit

    rohit New Member

    ^you can get marshall 10W within your budget or laney 12W.
    i guess stranger is out of question so have a look at these 2 amps.
  10. paranoid13rohan

    paranoid13rohan .: iNDiaN iDioT 3.0 :.

    @ angel_of_sin ...

    1 suggestion, buddy ~ in case it's not already decided and nobody can change it, save money and buy a better processor later.

    btw r u thinkin of a zoom 505 or a zoom 505II ???
  11. raj.hendrix

    raj.hendrix New Member

    ^^whats the availability of pedals like in Kolkata(as compared to bombay...delhi scene is crap anyway)? I'll be going there in July..might pickup something if the stuff is cheap.

    @angel_of_sin: DUDE..seriously! DONT BUY the zoom! save up and buy a good one later.
  12. angel_of_sin

    angel_of_sin bassist.....

    ^^kkk ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,thanx man,,,,,,,,,.............................
  13. god_of_guitar

    god_of_guitar New Member

    hey dude.. i would say tht saty away from any low end processor.. collect upto 8-10k and buy a korg ax 1500 or something.. these cheap processors just suk
  14. paranoid13rohan

    paranoid13rohan .: iNDiaN iDioT 3.0 :.

    @ raj ~ there is this place called Lalbazar in Kolkata where there are n number of music instruments shops ... u'll get all the stuffs you need there ... last dec i bought a zoom g2.1u from there ... and in case you don't get something there, you'll find everything at Braganza, Park Street ... the difference between Mumbai and Kolkata is the price ... it's cheaper in Kolkata (less tax, i guess) ...
  15. alpha1

    alpha1 I BLUES!

    ^ Do you get Tech21 stuff there?
  16. raj.hendrix

    raj.hendrix New Member

    @rohan: im from calcutta only...actually one of the suburbs there called srirampur.
    i was talking about analog stomp boxes like boss ds-1 etc. not processors...are those available there?

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