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Discussion in 'Guitar Tablature Discussion' started by ajayverma, Jan 1, 2007.

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    This question goes to all guitarists and music afficionados. i've been thinking of buying an acoustic steel string guitar and recently found a pretty neat piece by yamaha... model - f 210 at a store in my town. when i looked on their website and searched for the serial no- f 210 , it simply wasn't there at all....they do have an f- 310...which appeared as jumbo to me. is that a dubious yamaha that they are selling or yamaha has not listed or updated the model on the website?. what about gba guitars ...i'm getting a black colored gba for about Rs 3500... the body style is Artist or Nex.
  2. rohit

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    i have yamaha's a very good guitar in budget below 6k
    i think they have changed the model no. to f-210 but i think it's the same guitar.i don't think it's a's definitely better than gb&a.
  3. ajayverma

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    hi rohit,

    thanks a lot for the clarification. going by your user i.d "bohemian rhapsody"...i think that you do like "queen"...i like their song "the show must go on"...guess i'm going to buy the same model f-210 by yamaha...i'm getting it for Rs 4500 but i believe i'll be able to bring down the price after some bargaining....though i'm not very good at it... :)
    keep in touch n take care
  4. rohit

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    look and play other guitars in your price range as well.
    there might be a good piece you can 4500 you are getting a good deal.take care.
    you would have got more replies if you would have posted in gear forum.

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