Bunty Babli's Rap Song Guitar Intro

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  1. faraz khan

    faraz khan Fkay'zzz .......GoNe MaD!

    Title: BNB Guitar part

    this is the intro of Bunty Babli's rap song which has tabs in between of the song, actually we cant say it the intro it is just the guitar part in Bunty Babli's rap song..

    well IGTians please give me suggestions, comments and inform me about the mistakes that are in it.....


    thanks alot for appretiating me uptill now !!!!!!!!
  2. vini

    vini Repeat Offender

    yeah..it sounds alright...

    ok..iL suggest u sumthing> u shud try to distribute the notes/tabs of ur riff in as many strings as possible coz lesser the strings u use more farther/distant the notes/tab would be and more tuff to play..so distributing into more strings will make u get sum expertise at playing leads in the long run.. herez what u could do>>>

    this wont trouble ur fingers much and u can play wid ease..hope u liked my suggestion :)

  3. faraz khan

    faraz khan Fkay'zzz .......GoNe MaD!

    I ve a 12 fret guitar & its very hard to go on for the 14th fret
    Thanx anyway...
  4. vini

    vini Repeat Offender

    me too!! but practise to go that farther in a 12 fretted guitar also :)
  5. faraz khan

    faraz khan Fkay'zzz .......GoNe MaD!

    Right on
    as you say

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