BUDGET OF 8k variable...! :(

Discussion in 'Guitar Gear Talk Forum' started by ozone, Jun 12, 2008.

  1. ozone

    ozone New Member

    hi guys... ive been playing an acoustic guitar for the past 1.5 years... im good at chords and can play long leads too but not own ones..... i plan to play a lot of old rock, few metal songs n maybe bit of death metal... i need to improve my riff skills though....

    Im planning to move on to an electric now... i have done a bit of research on elec guits but have no idea as to which one to buy....

    I stay in Bangalore...
    My budget is 8k variable...... may be able to stretch it to a max of 10k....

    should i buy an amplifier too..?? how much would a simple one with basic effects (overdrive, distortion) cost..?? i initially planned to connect the guit to my comp but im not so sure if it will give the right effects...... Please help..... Thank you
  2. lazy_headbanger

    lazy_headbanger New Member

    hey man,so you wanna play some metal and fast riffs,you definitely need an electric to go all the way in guitar playing,and obviously you need an amp.

    Firstly,Electric Guitars are like investments unless you got a merc at you driveway.and yes,there are cheap electric guitar but some are worse than an acoustic and even cost less than them(sheer cheapness).
    What i say is,if possible increase you budget a lil bit if you can cause you can get a great package at around 12K.
    If you can't....try out an aria,decent price and decent features cost you around 8K i think(in Delhi)..i saw an Ibanez GRX-20 at 8.5K,great guitar for its price.

    The entry level and a basic amp would be the Marshall MG 10CD,nice cleans i wouldn't say great but good.and nice overdrive cost around 2.8K
    Thats the basic package,but don't waste those gandhi's on cheap local guitars..they suck big time
    Go to a guitar shop,maybe the guy there can help you out even more.
    Chk bajaao.com for more info on stuff.
  3. ozone

    ozone New Member

    k ne idea as to where to find the above models in bangalore...???
  4. lazy_headbanger

    lazy_headbanger New Member

    These are basic stuff(s) man.I don't think you'll have trouble finding them.but make sure the dealer is trusted,or you might get shitload.in delhi,onstage has good ibanez,i think furtados has some too.and they are like major show organisers in mumbai.so,check it out!!
  5. ozone

    ozone New Member

    ok.... so ive made up my budget to 13 k... so is a ibanez 170 grg a good buy..???
  6. lazy_headbanger

    lazy_headbanger New Member

    I'd say it is.Its got everything a beginner will need.check out the specs.
    The best solution would be to go and try it out yourself .couple it with some crunchy distortion,and eureka,you have an axe that flat out rocks!!

    I'd say its a great buy.i bought mine a few days back and i love it!
  7. ozone

    ozone New Member

    mm... thanks 4 the advice... i finally ended up buyin a ibanez grg 220 dx which has a floyd rose.... :) ....
  8. ambush

    ambush _RASTA_man_

    you are giong to regret that...the floyd rose
  9. sukrut

    sukrut God Guitarist

    c'mon man! let him enjoy his guitar!
  10. ambush

    ambush _RASTA_man_

    sorry but i've seen too many people who have had bad experience with cheap floyd, including me..
  11. ozone

    ozone New Member

    no dude not really... i know some great guitarists who work on floyd rose... initially i agree its a headache to get it set... but once u get to kno how to work on it, its very simple... moreover its not a cheap floyd rose.. ibanez is good quality stuff dude...

    Once u set the tuning u dont have to retune it again..!! plug n play thats it....
  12. ambush

    ambush _RASTA_man_

    is there a cheaper floyd than the grg series???
  13. ozone

    ozone New Member

    ok dude you go ahead and regret your decision bout the floyd rose... but i wont...

    i love this guitar... :D

    here r some pics....

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  14. prit_undead

    prit_undead New Member

    i havnt gt a floyd rose bt i've heard it can b quite a pain 2 tune it
    i play more of blues nd dont even use da vintage tremolo too often

    @ozone: i'd hav adviced 2 go 4 a decent processor along with a nice java or gb&a or comet maybe
    ibanex is gr8 bt its a lower end model after all
    so u cant xpect too much out of it
    on da othr hand i've heard good javas priced less dan da lower end ibanez stuff nd sounding btr (to my ears at least)
    nd da best thing with a good processor like da boss me50 cn transform da sound of ur guitar 2 a large extent
    at least it cn make a decent guitar sound good bt nt gr8
  15. ozone

    ozone New Member

    @ prit thanks for da advice mate... i ve already bought the guitar now... :) neway ive got friends who are experts on floyd roses who own jacksons n BC riches , ofcourse those guits are way outta my league rite now but atleast i know where to go for help... its based on their advice that i bough this guitar... these guys are the happenin ppl in the bangalore heavy metal scene, so i trust them.... i also took opinions here before consulting them coz there are equally good guitarists here... ex sukrut who just bought a ibanez grg...

    I also need to buy a processor but i think il wait till i hone my guitar skills n improve my cash register...!!! :) rite now i just have overdrive n ofcourse clean.....
  16. prit_undead

    prit_undead New Member

    4 da time being gt a delay pedal nd c hw it transforms ur sound
    da kind of music i play doesnt require more dan dat really
    alng with a little bit of amp modelling 2 giv a bit of crunch maybe
    newe all da best with ur baby
    hope u start 2 rock in no time
  17. thepacifist2013

    thepacifist2013 V.I.P Member

    Congrats on your new guitar Ozone!! Hope you like it :)

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