bRyAn aDaMs LoOk inTo mY eYeS (CHORDS)

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  1. lunarsalil

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    Look into my eyes you will see, what you mean to me
    D A G D
    search your heart search your soul and when you find me there you will
    D A G
    search no more
    D A
    dont tell me its not worth trying for you cant tell me its not worth dying for
    Em A Em A
    you know its true everything i do i do it for you
    D A D
    there's no love like your love and no other could give more love
    C F C G
    there's no where unless you are there all the time all the way yae
    D A E A
    ye i will figth for you i'll live for you
    D A
    walk the fire for you ya i had die for you
    G Gm
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    ^^ dont copy paste....
  3. hey @lunarsalil....why r u doing copy paste..its already on only your work....if u really have...
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    You are requested, not to copy and paste other's work!
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