Brand New Maverick Chaos II - Rs 32500

Discussion in 'Guitar Gear Talk Forum' started by pro_Guitar, Jul 14, 2004.

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  1. pro_Guitar

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    My version Comes with A Floyd Rose Tremelo System.
    with X1 - Evolution Pickups.
    The guitar in question is in style of the grey guitar in picture but in colour - Lunar blue also shown in the other picture.
    The price does not include Customs duty which has been waived off for quick sale.
    Please check for further sales or keep in touch for more stock of guitars expected in December and February.

    This range presented a challenging brief to the designers at Maverick. Specifically to produce an instrument without any compromise on quality. The concept was initiated during conversations between Chris Ingham, editor of Metal Hammer Magazine and ourselves. Chris knows that Maverick build beautiful guitars, but believes that many of his readers may aspire to own a Maverick but cannot achieve the levels of our existing range.
    The Century Series guitars are hand built by our craftsmen, in the exact same manner as our Evolution and
    D-Tox Series instruments. Solid tonewoods along with maple and rosewood are employed throughout the range. These guitars offer professional build quality and great playability for guitarists everywhere.
    To confirm our commitment to the range we installed our new Evolution Series X-1 pick-ups. Wired via a Custom 5 way selector switch, outstanding humbucking and single coil sounds are available on demand.

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    Which city are you from??
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