BOSS OD-3 & DS-2 for Sale

Discussion in 'Guitar Gear Talk Forum' started by noxiouswinter, Jan 21, 2007.

  1. noxiouswinter

    noxiouswinter New Member

    Hey there..

    I have two analog effects pedals from BOSS. The OverDrive OD-3 n Distortion
    DS-2. I got these about 6 months ago. The total usage of theses shouldn't exceed
    48hrs becoz i didn't have the BOSS PSA adapters to run them so i used 9v batteries
    & they last only a few hours. Also i they were so freakin loud on my 80watt amp
    & i soon got tired of it. I got them when i was just stepping into the electric guitar
    zone & i was searching 4 that perfect slash tone. What i did was spend everything on
    these two pedals hoping thats all i would need. Well.. i was so very wrong. These are
    d very best when they are coupled with other best gears like marshall amp n emg pickups
    n stuff. I chose them coz they have d best rating at n people swear
    that they r d best in business.

    Sadly its only after i spent on them i found that they dont do well with my cheap ibanez
    grg270 with poor default power pickups n my STRANGER amp.
    I shared my experiences right here on a thread 'ibanez>boss>stranger?'

    I am in Deep Shit now..
    I begged my parents to get me these & my mom sacrificed her other needs to get me these.
    The pedals r next to useless to me n i haven't touched them in months. I gatta get rid of them.

    The DS-2 cost me just under Rs. 4000 n OD-3
    cost me above Rs. 4500. They r just as good as out of the box.. i swear. Besides these r
    built to last decades & have the reputation of doing so.

    I can give the DS-2 for Rs. 3500 & OD-3 for Rs. 4000 (negotiable)
    If anybody is interested or knows someone who might be, mail me
    I'm in Kerala & hoping to do trade via post.

    I wouldn't recommend these 2 beginners like me. These would be ideal to someone who knows
    them well & knows how to use them..
  2. TheDevil

    TheDevil Ruler of Hell

    why the hell did u buy 2 Overdrive Pedals together ??
  3. yazi

    yazi Banned

    ^^^^^DS-2 is ditortion right?
  4. laneymaney

    laneymaney Banned

    ^yep....friend got one...says its good
  5. noxiouswinter

    noxiouswinter New Member

    yeah OD-3 is overdrive & DS-2 is turbo distortion.. Both r different.
    OD-3 is smoother & maintains dynamics. DS-2 has much fatter tone & has 2
    modes.. 4 lead & 4 rhythm.

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