BOSS GT 8 : Service/Repair, BANGALORE

Discussion in 'Guitar Gear Talk Forum' started by SRV_FAN, Sep 6, 2010.

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    I bought my Boss GT 8 multi effects (spending all the cash i saved up during my college :)) in 2006 , but the same year i started working and got to caught up with work; Since then hardly used it for last 4 years .I packed it up in its case and kept it in my wardrope.

    Now after almost four years i started playing again took my baby out. But the problem now is : every time i swtich it on to any patch on, the display kept on showing "Distortion on/off.." message very frequently. And i m not able to change patches when this message is popping up. I need to click on EXIT then click on footswitch to change a patch. I feel really bad as i hardly every used it.

    I m thinking it might be an issue with the internal battery which might need an replacement.(as i have read that in GTcentral forum) but dont know where to get it checked or replaced in Bangalore?..

    Any help would be highly appreciated.

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    sounds nasty... this is another reason why i prefer all-analog! hope you find someone there.
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    The first thing you shud check is your power supply.. i hope you're using the original adapter... In case it has an internal battery as mentioned by you, replace it for sure. And do reset it to factory settings.. In case it doesn't works fine still then contact some music shop like reynolds, soundglitz, furtados, rhythm musicals etc.. they may guide you to a proper place.
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    @ insatanity Thanks....I Did call them up three days back..a very soft spoken guy picked up and told me that i need to contact SoundGligtz .. as they are the dealers in here.. I knew the guys from Soundglitz as i bought my acoustic from there. Besides i know their main service guy very well ,his name is Francis, but he also doesnt know much about processors!..One thing i figured out BOSS/ROland has almost not Product Support outside of the US. :(
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    Thanks, ya i m using the Original Adapter. The whole thing is in Mint condition. I just used it a couple of times ... I have seen some guys said it might be an issue with the internal battery in one of the GT central forums.. so i m suspecting that might be the case but not sure ... I did reset it to Original Factory settings.. Twice ..but its still there .. and i m little scared to open it myself!.. :(..

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