Boss DS-1 distortion pedal for sale

Discussion in 'Guitar Gear Talk Forum' started by schubert, Jul 18, 2010.

  1. schubert

    schubert New Member

    Boss DS-1 Distortion Kit (only 8 months old) for sale Rs 2000 (not negotiable)

    Info here =>

    Original Cost Rs 2800. I'm selling it to buy a Digitech RP250 which already has the DS-1 in its distortion modelling...

    If anyone from Mumbai wants to buy please contact me asap on 9819080707

  2. ultrabot90

    ultrabot90 Like fishes need bicycles

  3. thehundredthone

    thehundredthone New Member

    Slightly off topic I guess but the DS-1 modelling on the Digitech is going to come as a rude surprise to you.
  4. schubert

    schubert New Member

    Well I would love to go for analog pedals.. But then I need a rig full of analog pedals and I cant afford that.. Also people have gotta open up to digital effects at some point.. I guess its just being ignorant to say that digital sucks and analog rocks.. just because the guitarists from the golden era of rock/metal used them... Digital effects are getting very close to the real thing
  5. thehundredthone

    thehundredthone New Member

    That's the whole point. Digital pedals are always only trying to emulate the analogue pedals. While analogue pedal makers come out with their own flavour of each type of effect, all the digital pedals do is emulate the established names.
  6. insatanity

    insatanity New Member

    The generally available processors still have a long way to go. The only one that comes really close is Fractal Audio Axe-Fx.
  7. flood

    flood New Member

    uhhhh.... no.
  8. unet

    unet New Member

    Well pretty much every modelling pedal < $200 sucks ass.

    But if you feel like smessing around and finidng sounds oyu like...the RP250 will probably be more useful.

    Be prepared to eventuallly need to upgrade.
  9. ultrabot90

    ultrabot90 Like fishes need bicycles

    Exactly, I agree as a ex-low/midrange-processor user myself.

    Not all processors are bad (look at Opeth's gear and the Axe-FX, for example; Heck, an Axe-FX is good enough so that the air on the review page is nothing like anything else. Generally people are like 'Oh, this is great but guys watch out for the xyz problem/this will do/avoid this". Axe-FX, "If it sounds bad, YOU're doing something wrong." Lmao.)

    But cheap = not good 99% of the times, they DO cut corners to get to that price.
  10. flood

    flood New Member

    not a fan of the axe-fx' medium and low-gain tones. it's an awesomely awesome recording tool though, and the metchul is quite excellent too.
  11. unet

    unet New Member

    Wish it weren't so expensive :(

    You tried one?
  12. ultrabot90

    ultrabot90 Like fishes need bicycles

    Nothing beats a tube amp ;)
    I'm planning to get two for my stereo guitar work (playing two guitars at once, like ZackKim and Stanley Jordan, but I plan to use distortion on one or both guitars; that's something no one seems to have done before, an unexplored possibility), or maybe use a small portable SS (Mobile Cube/Cube Street) and one tube amp.

    You got anything new out? o_O
  13. flood

    flood New Member

    nope, nothing. working on some commissioned stuff currently. r&d takes a backseat for a while.

    you have an endless supply of funds, dontcha? not one, but two tube amps? :)
  14. ultrabot90

    ultrabot90 Like fishes need bicycles

    Naw, I don't. The whole deal is that the portable amp will be my last 'low end' purchase.
    After that Ima save up for my dream rig, no more cheapo chalta hais.

    Besides, StringPort software doesn't support 7 and 8 stringed instruments. Till that happens, two-amp configuration will work better. (Because it'll take me close to a year to amass two amps, but more than five years to get an IntelMac capable of running a StringPort.)

    There's of course another way, that of using a Line6 UX2 through a can process two guitars, but as I Macs are expensive.
  15. schubert

    schubert New Member

    I agree that analog pedals are "the real deal", but it really comes down to ones personal requirement..

    Since im planning to do covers only for the next 2 years, and I play a variety of music, right from Pink Floyd, to Maiden to Metallica and even Korn.. if i buy a set of analog pedals Ill probably have to buy them all :)

    I'd rather do that when i start writing my own stuff and know the sound that im looking for..

    That said.. does a digitech GSP1101 work in both worlds? Not that im planning to buy it, cuz its way outta my budget, but I hear it can model amps (if its required)

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