Bomb Explosion At eBay PayPal Headquarters In SJ

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    Bomb Explosion At eBay PayPal Headquarters In SJ

    Authorities scoured a building at eBay's PayPal division Wednesday for clues about a Halloween night explosion that shattered a plate-glass window on the four-story building and forced the evacuation of dozens of employees.

    Investigators determined the blast was deliberately set and believe an explosive device was placed outside an exit at the building that leads to the company's first floor network operations center.

    "It's definitely not an accident," San Jose police Sgt. Nick Muyo said. "Everything else there is accounted for. This was not any kind of accident or malfunction."

    "Whatever caused this (blast) was pretty strong," added Fire Department Capt. Jose Guerrero. "It's tough to break one of these windows."

    There was no immediate word on the contents of the device, but officials told CBS 5 Tuesday night that the debris left behind was not radiological.
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    how many died ?

    world is gettin more populated

    so we need bomb blasts
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    These blasts just go on happening. But as sanju said, we need them.
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