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    This topic comes from my previous one about SaReGaMa.

    Personally after watching Himesh talk down to Vishal, I realized the music side of bollywood really lacks gentlemen. For instance, take the 2 other music directors form the same show - Bappi Lahiri and Ismail Darbar. If you don't know, Ismail Darbar is one of my very favourite music directors. In fact, he falls right after the first - AR Rahman.
    I can't call AR Rahman and Ismail Darbar old school but really people like these 2 are what the bollywood music lacks.
    Himesh Reshammiya is surely a huge hit and has a good talent. Many in fact believe he maybe as talented as Ismail Darbar or even better. I, strongly disagree. Himesh Reshammiya is just another music director with a few hits. How long has he been around? Not long enough to be compared to any of the real directors. I never was a Himesh Reshammiya fan but I did always respect the fact that he was such a huge hit. Sadly my knowledge with names was never good hence I can't compare him to someone else. He is good, but not good enough to think he has the most fans as a music director. Don't get me wrong, but the way he talks on SaReGaMaPa Challenge - he does try to put the fact out that he has fans and quiet a few actually. You would never see Ismail Darbar talk to his fans, do you know how many fans does he actually have? People like me would throw over Himesh any day for Ismail Darbar or Bappi Lahiri.
    Next on my hit list is Vishal and Shekhar. They are good, but they aren't much different than Himesh. They have only brought so much hits to the field. Himesh too has only brough so much hits, everything that ever went flop is never spoken about. Never the less, the came up with "Allah Ke Bande" and for that they must be respected for ever (even though you could consider it a lucky one).

    Anu Malik. I personally like to think he has a lucky charm which he accidently stumbles upon once in a while. I mean, a person that came up with "sande se aate hain" came up with soo many flops? He is good, in fact great but how does one go around agreeing to send music out like Fareb (the one movie I started considering Anu Malik as a lucker).

    India has so much talent yet the Idol sings so bad? I mean, Aneek from SaReGaMa would roll Prashant any day. In fact any of the top 6 contestant cant take out any one from top 13 Indian Idol or even the previous Indian Idol, Sandeep. I will give Abhijeet Sawant a good hand because he seems to be working on his skills.

    All in all, the music side of Bollywood has only become to hit today, forgotten tomorrow. How many of you still listen to Aap Ka Suroor? Not many, how many would happily listen to songs from Rang De Basanti?
    When it comes to fast music, how many would prefer 36 China Town over Bas ek Pal (music by: Vivek Phillip and Amitabh Verma -- yeah they did better than Himesh)?
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    Meh, too long to read.
    Can anyone do the precis?
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    it doesn't take more than 2 minutes.
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    I don't get it.Why do you need to compare??I'm not a "himesh fan" but I can't deny he makes good music.Why compare??So,he's a show-off according to you (many others)..ok,but it works for him.Why should he stop then??Just beacuse Mr.Darbar doesn't,is not a good enough reason for him maybe..If we treat music as a trial and error process rather than expecting each song to be a masterpiece we'd progress a lot faster..Try to treat him as an individual artist making his fair share in the music industry..
    And there would be others who'd throw over Darbar for Himesh.
    Why should the flops be spoken about??You don't like a song then you forget about it and move on..It shouldn't be a blot in the career of a musician!!

    I'm missing the point in this..If you mean to say II (indian Idol) is useless compared to SRGM,then you should know this is a debatable topic.I don't know about either of the shows,so I won't comment much.
    Again,what is the problem is Aap ka Suroor/China Town music was launched??Why don't we just appreciate the efforts??No one actually tells us to buy this or even hear's someone's effort which should be respected.And I'm sure there will be, maybe a few,but definitely will be fans of that music too.All songs cannot please the whole world..We should acknowledge all music if not like it..And you know,these trial n errors are the ones that help musicians to come up with a masterpeice every now n then..
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    I'm actually quiet glad that someone does have what it takes to reply to a proper topic. but at the same time, I think you miss the idea at quiet a few place from my post.
    You have to compare because they sit beside each other and Himesh constantly talks to his 'fans' on the show. I mean, it couldn't be more obvious how flattered he is to be a hit. I think he isn't even ready for the hits he has produced. He drolls and spit is right there. Ismail Darbar doesn't do it. Comparing both show how a gentleman takes fame and how a immature artists does.

    Learn from your mistakes is quiet a typical phrase. Ismail Darbar is far superior than Himesh in talent yet he doesn't talk 'big' and 'hit' like Himesh. Himesh should keep in mind that he produces flops unlike a few others in his profession that have a tendency to make every work, a hit work.

    I acknowledge his efforts. In fact in my post, I said he has talent.

    And I'd hate to disagree but music is far than trial and error. AR Rahman will only put out music that is good. Sure it might not be a Outstanding but it is good while many artists produce "bad" music. Music is anything but trial and error. Yes, one is allowed to make bad music but one should also know not to let it out because it is bad. If you like it, then it must be good. If you think your "bad" work is good enough to be released then you certainly aren't an amazing artist.

    Extra: I dont know if you know about Xulfi but his music can also be consider constantly good. He has a few hidden tracker which were bad and being wise he did not release them. Hence, it makes Xulfi a good artist unlike others that have to make 2 more songs to complete their album.
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    I'm not gonna quote you now but regarding Himesh and Darbar,the point is,even if I agree that Himesh does seem to think of himself too much though he's in presence of great artists (that is your point I think) it works for him.He's young and he needs publicity.Darbar has experience and a good record of hit songs,he doesn't really need anything else.But Himesh does.And also there are Himesh fans who not only like him for his music but his personality too.If you think he should be modest due to the presence of senior musicians,it's his personal decision.
    You've said it yourself..Himesh is immature in terms of taking fame...or rather young.As time will go by,and if he comes up with hits,he'll probably be humbled too(though I can't assure that).

    Flop is a relative term.Music isn't trial and error process,I know that.I'm saying it should be.What you/some ppl regard as flop may be a hit to some other people.
    You say you acknowledge music and then you say that??These people spend a lot of time making music that may not be good but you can't and shouldn't suppress creativity just because of the fear that people may find it to be "bad".Seriously,tell me if I just launched 5 "bad" songs how would it affect you??Instead it would affect me as the songs wouldn't work and in turn I wouldn't be paid.This works as a booster for me to come up with better music next time.Hence,the trial and error process.Is the world going to end coz more and more music is launched??No.You're not supposed to like every song by every MD.Again,acknowledge and move on,that's all there is to it.
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    I hate how so many people use this site but no one has anything constructive to add.
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    You do realize that reality tv is the new form of soap opera, right? You do realize that the saas bahus are dying out(slowly) only because reality tv is quenching the general population's lust for masala? They talk up a storm there because the public feeds off it. You need to get into your head that reality tv for the most part is not real and the poor judges do what the scripts tell them to. Even if judges get into arguments, the show is not aired live so it would make sense to edit out the arguments if they were let it remain a show and not a saga. Have you seen how they exploit things like poor family backgrounds and general family sentiments? Someone on stage saying "mai singer banna chahti hoon taki meri ma ka operation ho sake...." or "meri ma ka sapna poora karne mein meri madad kare" is not only cheap, it is also the kind of thing the public laps up. Half the people watching the show would probably stop watching if it were all about the singing...

    Also, have you noticed the music played during a controversy? Does it not match the music at the ending scene of a soap? That alone should have been enough to convince you. Also, note that once a judge makes a huge statement, the camera quickly focusses on other reactions.

    The people you're seeing on stage as judges are fictitious creations of production houses not to be confused with the real person.

    Of course, that does not go towards saying that Himesh might be a really good person off screen....just that do not judge him on TV.

    Also, I'd like to make a formal request to people on IGT to stop voting for these shows in the interest of decent primetime TV.

    As for the flops, it's a completely different issue. You have got to expect flops when you're asked to produce music. God knows its hard enough to write a good song....writing a good song to fit a fixed theme and situation must be murder.
  9. *claps*
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    I hate reality show shenanigans with a passion, but there is no denying the genuine talent on display in some shows. I have this strategy where I hit the mute button every time Himesh opens his mouth:p...he really gets on my nerves with his ramblings. I always watch the performances and personally I feel that the contestants at Saregamapa are just awesome. VOI contestants started out well but kept going down while the Saregama bunch now sing like polished playback singers. Lets not even talk about Idol contestants.

    As for Himesh, he has gone for this major image and attitude makeover. I remember seeing him look like a '60s guy - clean shaven and with a stupid hairstyle to boot. I feel he is a shrewd character who knows he has a sizable fan following and hence plays to the gallery at every opportunity. It is a completely different matter that it gets on my nerves and I don't care much for his music. But its not fair to say that he has no talent.

    Finally, I completely agree with bjr on boycotting the voting procedure. If only we had one man who had the balls not to sell out to the cell companies and stick to proper judging. It bugs me no end seeing all the regionalism and vote politics going around. It is simple... we have 60 years of history to prove that people have and will always vote for the wrong reasons. Nobody cares how a person sings..they will vote for their community and region. Meritocracy and Democracy don't go together.
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